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  • alfie
    started a topic Alfies Diary

    Alfies Diary

    Starting this slightly unusual one as it relates to a current account overdraft and a request for its credit agreement given the newer rules on overdrafts.
    The newish rules say that a credit agreement is required for overdrafts after 2011.
    In this case however the 'draft was...
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  • debtnewbie
    started a topic Debt Advice Please

    Debt Advice Please

    Hello Everyone!

    I have two CCJs on file - one being paid off (slowly) and the other default in judgment but rarely hear anything from them.

    I also have a multiple defaults from 4 year old accounts.

    All the creditors have written off the debts except for Lowell...
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  • nick0
    started a topic Nat West Loans and Overdrafts

    Nat West Loans and Overdrafts

    I did a pre application for a Natwest loan (my son for a car,see my other threads) and it came up with APR 20.9%
    so I left it at that and said we can look at it in November.

    Now when I Log on to My banking it says you eligible for a loan with a 9/10 chance when I click on more info....
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  • Business account being classed as overdraft not covered by EU Directive

    Hi all, I'm new please bear with me..

    ive been looking at the threads regarding the CCA and the new EU directive, I've seen Diddys very good rebuttal in the sections concerning overdrafts, my question is this, is the HSBC commercial card an overdraft? because 1st credit says it is, and...
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  • stuckinarut
    started a topic Stuckinarut UE Diary

    Stuckinarut UE Diary

    my question is this. been an a dmp since 2008. and it ended on 4th march this year. due to it not being a suitable product cos of the shake up with the companies that give advice etc. so to save a long story. i/we will have 1 cc still with cap one 1 overdraught 1 personal loan. 3 cards. these are with...
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  • Wishfull
    started a topic Santander overdraft with first credit

    Santander overdraft with first credit

    I have an overdraft that was with Santander now with first credit think it's about 3.5 K I want to do a full and final on it what would you suggest I offer given that a large amount of this is deafalt payments and interest

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh and for some reason I can't...
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  • Why consumers get a raw deal from internet banking

    Why consumers get a raw deal from internet banking

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 6th March 2016 16:53
    Around the world, and across different industries, the internet has cut the cost of doing business.
    On everything from music to microwaves, and taxis to train
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  • Strepsi
    started a topic CCA Dates

    CCA Dates

    Is there more chance for accounts to be UE the older they are, is there a chance that debts that are only a couple of years old be UE. Also can I CCA a plain old current account is it only really appropriate for CC's and loans?

    You will understand by my recent posts that I am new to this....
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  • Strepsi
    started a topic CCA Overdraft

    CCA Overdraft

    I was wondering if anyone knows if you can CCA for an overdraft. I have read somewhere that you can't, is that correct?

    All help appreciated.
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  • Supergrover
    started a topic Failed IVA

    Failed IVA

    I am looking for some advice as I have some old debt from a failed IVA, the last payment I made to the IVA was Feb/Mar 2009, I am just starting to get letters from recovery companies offering "huge discounts". I never heard from the IVA company after my last payment despite asking them for...
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  • missymoo
    started a topic A long road

    A long road

    I have agreed to help my sister with her debts so we have sat down this week with all the paperwork she has.

    She has been in a DMP for a number of years and currently has around 10 debts left.

    They mostly look like credit cards, loans, bank overdrafts. She has had some health...
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  • Moradin
    started a topic Charging Order

    Charging Order

    I have a charging order from 2013, for 3.5k..
    The final charging order from the court states:-

    The interest of the judgement debtor Mr xxxx in the asset described in the schedule below stand charged with payment of the sum of £3xxxx. the amount now owing under a judgement or order...
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  • Which? calls for 'complete overhaul' of bank accounts

    Which? calls for 'complete overhaul' of bank accounts

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 2nd October 2015 18:41
    The consumer group Which? has said the competition regulator should "name and shame" banks that provide the worst current accounts.

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  • Barclays closing account after requesting they temporarily freeze charges

    Hi all,

    Can you offer some advice on this situation?

    My wife has 2 accounts 1 barclays current (£300 od) and 1 barclaycard (£3,0000. She was made unemployed a few months ago so we wrote to Barclays to say she is unemployed and couldn't meet her repayments at the moment.
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  • sezzalenny
    started a topic Unenforceable Diary

    Unenforceable Diary

    Righty ho,

    So my ex partner and I consolidated our debts with payplan about 6 years ago - we've been paying off monthly amounts since then. The recent sale of our house has left a small amount of money which we were looking into making settlement offers...this lead to a conversation with...
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