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niddy special x

  • CCJ getting it written off because of mental health ?

    Didn't know where to post this , but my husband asked me to post this .

    I'm suffering severe anxiety panic phobias and agoraphobia , i am receiving treatment and therapy from professionals.

    This CCJ in my name is being paid back at £3.89 a month , yeah i know it isn't a lot...
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  • Debt PAID IN FULL, Equifax still showing it as owing

    Right, I'm fuming now!

    In early March, I was in a position to repay an outstanding debt over an overdraft from an account that Barclays had closed. I'm in a better financial position than I was when the account was closed and I thought that paying it off would help improve my...
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  • Notice to Appear in Court

    An email arrived in my junk folder today. It looks suspicious, but is also causing me some concern.

    The sender is L.McNamara, and when I hover my mouse over the name, the sender address is

    The Subject Title is 'Notice to appear in court' followed by a reference...
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  • Natwest / CrapQuest CCA problem

    In a nutshell, been on a dmp with CCCS for years now, the biggest main debt owed to Natwest for a personal loan taken out around 12 years ago, total owed to date around 21k, sore point this loan, as we feel Natwest borrowed irresponsibly, always calling us in for "customer reviews" and telling...
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  • pooky2483
    started a topic Unknown Debt from Cabot Finance

    Unknown Debt from Cabot Finance

    Hi all, this is a rarity, someone chasing Mrs Pooky for her money...
    Got this through our letterbox this morning.
    It was address to her using her Maiden name, she left her ex in Sept 2006 and we got married in 2007.
    We don't know anything about it....
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  • deanjf
    started a topic deanjf's UE diary

    deanjf's UE diary

    Hello all, a friend of mine told me about your site and all the fantastic help and advice your able to offer, so here I am !

    Firstly a brief history of mine and my partners situation, back in 2008 I lost my job, we struggled obviously to meet our repayments on our mortgage and loans credit...
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  • Desperate to help them ***DEBT WRITTEN OFF***

    My daughter opened a student account in 2002 and was given an o/d of £250 when she went to uni things didn't work out and she left by which time the agreed o/d limit was £1000, she contacted the bank went in for an interview explained she had left and that she would seek work they said best way forward...
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  • pooky2483
    started a topic Santander ignoring me

    Santander ignoring me

    It all stared on 27 Feb 2012, I sent Santander a letter of appropriation and gave them 2 weeks for a reply.

    This quickly passed by so I sent them another letter on 12 March 2012, they have had a further 16 days and I have heard nothing from them, not even a letter acknowledging receipt...
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  • whats the best way to pay a debt off with triton

    hey all

    some how i have managed to get a loan so i can now pay off all my debts, what I need to know is whats the best way to do it?

    I dont want to do a part settlement unless my credit file shows it paid in full the main people i would like to pay is Triton credit, they have...
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  • chz80
    started a topic Recently entered default on very old account

    Recently entered default on very old account

    Hi all,

    I was hoping that you could give me some advice regarding a recent default which has been entered on my credit file.

    The overview of the situation is this:

    Back in 1999, I opened a student account with a bank I will not name (as from what I've read,...
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  • MaryEssex
    started a topic JD Williams / What do I do?

    JD Williams / What do I do?

    Hi, I'm Mary I'm new here as a poster but long time observer.

    I wondered if someone could help me with a situation I'm having regarding JD Williams, I'll try to add as much detail as I can.

    Firstly they said I owed £573, after I sent them a Unlawful Charges Form and a LBL...
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  • Never-In-Doubt
    started a topic Unenforceable Overdrafts - CCA Information

    Unenforceable Overdrafts - CCA Information

    new process - effective 2019

    Please note the information below is slightly outdated - please instead read the following info Here then send us a question on this thread.

    overdrafts - cca information &...
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  • Catell
    started a topic PPI/Unenforcability


    Hi everyone.

    I'm new here and would like to start by telling you a little of the history of my quest to claim PPI from RBS. i hope i don't ramble on too much and/or it makes a little sense.

    I recently made PPI claims to RBS. These are three loans and one overdraft all taken...
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  • billytommo
    started a topic BillyTommo's UE Diary

    BillyTommo's UE Diary

    Credit Card
    Last paid approx May 2011
    Not paying
    CCA'd them in May and got a reply in June.
    Both Egg and Capital Credit Agencies have been writing to me
    I have had a default notice which will be actioned 29/11/2011
    Sent them...
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  • sam
    started a topic Egg, Lowells, Barclaycard help..

    Egg, Lowells, Barclaycard help..


    I'm after a bit of advice here...
    I have an Egg account that I opened in 2002 but I defaulted on it in 2006 and I'm now being chased for the money by Lowells. I've tried to go the unenforceable way with it as it doesn't state interest etc..
    Anyway it looks like that's...
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