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  • Dharmadad
    started a topic Joint Owned. Mortgage in both names.

    Joint Owned. Mortgage in both names.


    I (nor anyone else for that matter) has seen of heard from my ex partner (not married) for nearly 8 years.

    I have since re-married and have a child with my wife - we've been married for 6 years.

    I understand from Landmark that I can do nothing without my...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic Considering parents moving in

    Considering parents moving in

    As my parents disability is getting worse especially with my dad's Parkinson's nearing the advanced stages - we have talked about them moving in with us - we have 3 spare rooms and a spare bathroom .

    I'm not so sure though because my dad is awake most of the night and then there is the...
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  • Dodgy Practices in "Can't Pay We'll Take It Away"

    I've seen a few of these programmes now, which essentially project a very fluffy image of High Court Enforcement Officers, where they are just nice compassionate people who are only doing their job.

    One tactic I've seen come up a few times is when they have sought to seize goods from...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic parking fine and bailiffs

    parking fine and bailiffs

    From £70 to £422 .
    Right my youngest son got a parking fine as the above , he is unemployed and gets £70 a week and the bailiffs want the whole lot paying in 3 payments which doesn't add up.
    This is my prodigal son I'm talking about and he lives at his girlfriends mothers house , the...
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  • nanna58
    started a topic Gob smacked

    Gob smacked

    OK hubby being a builder did a garden wall for someone last year, at the end if the job the customer asked would he replace some slabs out the back ,he took up the old ones and put down the new ones .He did it cheaply as a favour because they couldn't afford much.A almost a year on and they rang again...
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  • AAD News Feed
    started a topic National Living Wage comes into force

    National Living Wage comes into force

    National Living Wage comes into force

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 1st April 2016 08:15
    The new mandatory National Living Wage (NLW) has come into force, requiring employers to pay workers aged 25 and over at least £7.20 an hour.
    It is expected to give 1.3
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  • stuffthebanks
    started a topic Help please! Maternity

    Help please! Maternity

    Hello all,
    Not posted for a while now, its been a little bit s*** for the past weeks.
    Brother died 3rd January,Father in law died 11th January, both sudden and without warning.
    Youngest undergoing investigations on her heart condition....many trips to hospital in front of us.
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  • lookingforward
    started a topic Fibre


    At last fibre has arrived where I live and will be going live on Tues Have just rec'd the talktalk "super" router so want to check in advance that I'm good to go.

    Set up at the mo for ADSL

    Main router Netgear DG834 this has wired connections to desktop computers...
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  • Expat with CC debt pulling family under

    Hello all. Looking for advice on my situation.

    I am a Brit living abroad with foreign partner and now a couple of kids - I have debts with Barclaycard and MBNA of around 8,000. Plus bank overdraft of 2.5k

    I left the UK in 2008 after the crash and had to rent out my house...
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  • roomtobreathe
    started a topic Water Meters

    Water Meters

    Just got a letter through from South East Water telling me they're going to fit a water meter. Problem is I think they've already done so. All the water cock covers outside have been replaced and the missing paving slabs tarmacced over. I'm assuming under there there will lurk a meter.

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  • Deepie
    started a topic INDUCTION HOB


    I'm look for a Induction hob ....

    Here --->

    Does any one know what make this is ?????

    Seems good value to me .....
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  • old radiators no nob to turn them off

    As its getting colder and we have 3 spare bedrooms we thought it a waste to heat those rooms , but when we look at the radiators to turn them off there aren't any nobs on them to turn them off .

    How do we do that ??

    anyone please and thank you
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  • Nelvin
    started a topic drydensfairfax contact - need some advice...

    drydensfairfax contact - need some advice...

    Hi All,

    First off, I want to say that I'm delighted I found this site... After checking out other "similar" sites, AAD is in a different league! At last a forum where members want to help, providing concise advice tailored for each issue (rather than the usual "just bin the
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  • julian
    started a topic Praise for Company for all

    Praise for Company for all

    Forum Username


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    Praise for Company

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    Title of your Feedback

    Living and breathing

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    Opting out of Royal Mail's Door to Door service

    The opt out service only relates to unaddressed mail.

    Royal Mail is still legally obliged to deliver all addressed mail, which includes mail that is addressed “To the Occupier” (or with any other generic recipient information), as
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