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    Just got a letter through from South East Water telling me they're going to fit a water meter. Problem is I think they've already done so. All the water cock covers outside have been replaced and the missing paving slabs tarmacced over. I'm assuming under there there will lurk a meter.

    The letter from SEW gives the impression that we're having meters whether we like it or not.

    Anyone had any experience of moving to a meter?

    Sounds a good idea but to be honest I don't trust any of the utility companies not to screw a few extra groats out if they can.

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    Re: Water Meters

    I changed to a water meter in 1994 when I moved into a "new build" house. I moved from a one-bedroomed flat to a three-bedroomed house and my water charges were halved! I am assuming that, based on the old "rateable value" (or whatever it is called these days) the house would have cost considerably more than the flat! I am a single person, living alone, and I prefer (daily) showers to baths. I also have a dishwasher, which I think is quite water intensive.

    So, from my own perspective, it is much cheaper to have a meter. It also makes you conscious of the amount of water you are using, which must be a good thing.

    However, I think larger families, especially those with small children, may not find it a cheaper option?
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