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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Price comparison sites 'rife with errors'

    Price comparison sites 'rife with errors'

    Price comparison websites offering car insurance policies are rife with errors, says an investigation by Which?

    Millions of consumers "are not getting a clear picture from the websites they visit", said the consumer body after examining four of the biggest sites. For six out...
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  • julian
    started a topic CRA authority or advertiser

    CRA authority or advertiser

    Do CRAs have any authority to confirm the data they publish is correct or are they merely collecting and distributing it, like a newspaper provides a means of advertising?

    So if there are errors on the reports and the subject chooses not to correct, are the CRAs (or anybody else) able to...
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  • MRSP
    started a topic Checking validity of CCA's

    Checking validity of CCA's

    Hi I am in the process of trying to determine whether or not a couple of CCA's I have recently received are enforceable or not.These are from JD williams and Freemans.These accounts were both opened about a year or so ago and due to a drastic fall in income I can no longer make full payments to these...
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  • Outlook keeps asking for Network password

    Turned on my laptop this morning....

    Went to look at my e mails and Outlook keeps asking for my Network Password

    When I enter my password and press OK the box keeps popping back up ....not able to receive or send e mails

    Help please .........
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  • sara2
    started a topic Court threat from Cabot/Mortimer Clarke Solicitors

    Court threat from Cabot/Mortimer Clarke Solicitors

    Hi all,

    I have revived this letter out of the blue. I have sent CCA request when I first started in this forum but I didnt get anything, and it has been passed around debt collectors. I have moved address but I received this now. Do I send CCA request now? and to who? vanquis or cabot...
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  • Bugsy
    started a topic Post 2007 Agreement

    Post 2007 Agreement

    Hi all,

    Had my head down for a while as Statute Barred Status is looming at the end of this year, however MKDP have finally sent a recon of an agreement for a HSBC credit card. It was taken out in the later half of 2007 so this question may be irrelevant anyway but if the recon that they...
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  • Fax errors lead to data breach at Northumbria NHS Trust

    Fax errors lead to data breach at Northumbria NHS Trust

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 15th May 2015 21:01.

    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust with an undertaking committing the trust...
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  • Recent Forum Downtime - April 2015

    Morning Everyone,

    Sorry for the recent down-time; this has been necessary as we've totally upgraded our servers again (to very fast and powerful servers) and although we have everything synced between three servers so that if one drops the others kick in - we have had to turn everything...
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  • Unenforceability and credit reference agencies

    I began my unenforceability journey with the help of Never-In-Doubt nearly six years ago now. The help I obtained was invaluable and the knowledge I gained took all the panic I felt away almost overnight. Niddy, I am eternally grateful to you and the other forum members who helped me.

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  • realfedup
    started a topic Lloyds really old PPI's

    Lloyds really old PPI's


    had my Sars come back and show up some PPI's on loans from the late 1990's. Not large amounts, but definite miss selling went on. as soon as i nearly paid off one loan, the bank called me in to talk about my account review and i ended up leaving the meeting with another loan!! the...
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  • Pension error scandal: Insurers refusing to pay proper compensation

    Pension error scandal: Insurers refusing to pay proper compensation

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 8th March 2015 15:38.

    *Savers are fighting back against insurers' attempts to rip them off on compensation payouts for underpayments made by insurers errors....
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    Open for open discussion on complaints to them and action/non action by same
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  • Wife's Barclaycard account now with MKDP

    We have received a copy of the application form and reconstructed T&Cs for my wife's Barclaycard account from 2004 which has been sold to MKDP from a CCA request. Part of the copy is unreadable. There doesn't appear to be any details as to APR or repayment etc unless it is in the unreadable section....
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  • DAVN
    started a topic Barclays loan agreement 2008

    Barclays loan agreement 2008

    Hi, I'm in a dispute with Barclays re a loan that commenced July 2008 - the reason I'm claiming an interest refund is that my friend took out the same product 3 months ater & got an interest refund - but I have not received one. I am not sure whether it is the loan agreement or annual statement...
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  • marling
    started a topic marling - mobile/ebay

    marling - mobile/ebay

    hi all
    I already have threads under unenforceability diaries and PDL loans.
    I have three general debts, 2 with EE for mobile contracts and one with ebay for user fees.

    1. EE mobile contract terminated by them for £297, this was then passed onto Buchanan clark wells they added...
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