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  • shaun196809
    started a topic Link Financial

    Link Financial

    Hi there,

    Have an outstanding debt of £4k with Link Financials.

    I requested a copy of my credit agreement on the 24th April and they responded on the 27th April to state that they didn't hold the information but would request from Barclaycard. They stated that this could take...
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  • Moorcroft and Wescot are not the DP

    Five of my accounts are with Moorcroft and another two with Wescot. I sent CCA request letters for all of them recently and have received replies which in all cases say .... "in line with our client's procedure you are required to contact our client directly..." or .. "we are not the...
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  • TillyU
    started a topic Barclaycard/Link Financial

    Barclaycard/Link Financial

    In 2011, due to my personal circumstances at the time, I wrote to the original lender, Egg, offering £1 per month. Shortly afterwards, Egg was taken over by Barclaycard. I continued to pay the £1.00 per month and didn't hear anything until last year when BC informed me that the account has been...
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  • cussy
    started a topic help with claim

    help with claim

    Hi im just going over a claim i received and was wondering if anyone can tell me how far back can interest be claimed on court papers can a company that bought a debt claim interest for the years before they owned the debt?
    thanks cussy
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  • Disastra
    started a topic SAR - No relevant docs sent

    SAR - No relevant docs sent

    Hi, I made a SAR request to Barclays in order to untangle the history of my commercial mortgage and all they sent me was copies of old Egg and Barclaycard statements. There was nothing else at all. No statements from the business bank account or from the commercial loan/mortgage. Both of those were...
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  • newbie,, multiple defaults, had my head in the sand

    hi All, i have started to address my problems and hope i can find help here.

    i have a few defaults on my credit report, so far i have done as follows:

    Link financial (mbna original £11000), requested docs under CCA77/78 with £1, they replied saying neither they nor MBNA can...
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  • julian
    started a topic Old Eggs hatching?

    Old Eggs hatching?

    It looks like Cabot/Marlin/Whatever are having a clean out.

    By rights, Egg CC should have been well and truly scrambled 18 months ago. However, last week I had a letter from Darling Debs offering to hep me free myself from the chains of debt. I thought I was, so no contact will be made...
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  • ABF
    started a topic Egg card PPI reclaim - success

    Egg card PPI reclaim - success

    So recently I contacted Egg about my long-closed account with them, regarding the Card Repayment Protection plan. To be honest it was a bit of a fishing trip as I couldn't recall ANY details of the account, card number or anything, as the account was closed in 2007, paid off nice & cleanly, never...
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  • EmptyPurse
    started a topic EmptyPurse Diary

    EmptyPurse Diary

    Background Post

    I have 3 creditor accounts in default. Last payment made was April 2014 to the original creditors not DCA- which defaulted in Oct / Nov 14

    Egg/ Barclaycard / now Hoist from 2002 Balance 6.5k

    Natwest OD account opened in 1992 -approx. Balance 3.5k...
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  • AAD News Feed
    started a topic Mental health and debt problems:

    Mental health and debt problems:

    Mental health and debt problems:

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 4th March 2016 13:17
    Much has been written about the easy availability of debt at a time of record low interest rates.
    The latest data showed that consumer credit was growing at the fastest pace
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  • Red88
    started a topic Red88's UE Diary

    Red88's UE Diary

    Hello, I have added a link to my original post, so you can see what has brought us here.

    Original Post


    other information

    Total Debt £18,926
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  • Scotty501
    started a topic Egg Debt - CCA Request

    Egg Debt - CCA Request

    I posted this on another site, but this site seems to have more knowledge so hopefully someone can help.

    So back in Oct 2004 I took out an Egg credit card, around 2007 I got into some problems. It was passed on to DCA who I started to pay for a set amount each month, and pretty much...
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  • Hughie
    started a topic Hughie's UE Diary

    Hughie's UE Diary

    Type of account - Credit card
    Date commenced – 11.2.2009
    Approx balance - £2,345
    Date last paid – 19/01/2015
    Are you on arrangement or not paying – Was making reduced payment but have now stopped
    Status – Default Notice 30.9.2014
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  • Debbs
    started a topic Received a letter from Westcot

    Received a letter from Westcot

    I have received a letter from Westcot relating to a debt to Arrow Global Limited - Egg. This is not the same case as the one listed before. They are asking me for £138.33 for an outstanding balance on an account and are asking me to contact them. Their reference is xxxxxxxx Arrow Global Ref xxxxxxxxx...
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  • [CLOSED] - Continues in AAD+ Legal Section - Arrow Global Limited ( Drydens Ltd) v Debbs

    Your AAD Forum Username


    Name of Claimant

    Arrow Global Limited

    Name of Claimant's Solicitors

    Drydens Ltd

    Claim Issue Date

    2 June 2015

    Who Signed the Claim Form?

    The Solicitor Firm (i.e. Joe
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