• Some 22,453 motorists 70+ had licences revoked in 2018 - up from 9,265 in 2010
  • Number of licences taken away for medical reasons has grown across all ages
  • For all ages, revoked licences increased 117% in the comparison over eight years
  • Road safety groups say more needs to be done to take unsafe drivers off the road
  • The issue became headline news following Prince Philip's crash outside the Queen's private home in Sandringham
The number of motorists over the age of 70 having licences revoked for medical reasons has soared, according to new statistics. Almost 22,500 elderly drivers had their licences taken away last year - which is 142 per cent higher than the number rescinded on medical grounds in 2010. That's according to figures obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency following a Freedom of Information request by the Times. It comes after Prince Philip's crash near the Queen's private home at Sandringham in Norfolk earlier in the year.