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    On Sunday I had a call with a very friendly advisor from Santander; we have a joint account with them and now I am back at work fulltime we wanted to set up a second account just a basic one for food each month, but with a debit card so I can shop on line. I also wanted to set up a savings account as my thought was if I try and save a little before I get used to having it then I stand some chance.

    He was very helpful, nearly died when he said all looked ok but would just run the credit check!! Imagine how I nearly fell off my seat when he told me we had passed with flying colours!

    Anyway the main reason for my post is that I am a little concerned that he wanted all the details of my employer including telephone numbers; is there anyway this may be shared with the DCA's chasing me? Slightly concerned I might have opened a can of worms......

    Jane x