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    Halifax overdraft: £5000 - Increased from zero to £5000 over the space of a couple of months a lot of which was gambling and they were also aware my credit card was almost maxed at the time.
    Halifax credit card £6500 - The first card i started using after buying a house in 2016

    Capital One Credit Card - £2500 - Allowed me to spend the entire limit on in less than an hour at 5am.

    Barclay card 1 - £6500 - First card taken out in around 2011 and was paid off until i bought the house in 2011
    Barclay Card 2 - 7000 - this card was taken out shortly after buying the house in 2016 to do a balance transfer of debts and withdrew £2000 in cash direct to my bank account as a result of an offer they sent me. this card was a 0% card.

    Aqau - £500 - Frozen and paying minimum amount a month

    118118 Loan - £1500 - Not been paid and have disputed this was irresponsible lending given all my other debts at the time I took the loan out - They wiped the interest and removed the loan from my credit file but are still chasing for the loan amount back.

    RateSetter - £7500 - paid for the last 2 years but have only cleared the interest the loan amount of £7500 is still outstanding, have disputed that it was irresponsible lending due to the level of debt I was in when taking out the loan but they were not interested.

    So over the last 12/18 months I've been very stupid and developed a very bad gambling habit which has got me in to an awful lot of debt.

    Can anyone give me some help and advice of what I can do to help get some of this cleared and defaults removed.

    Many thanks in advance.