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  • Originally posted by debrag View Post
    Debt 2 Natwest OD
    Opened: January 2016
    Type: OD
    Current Balance: £1248
    Last payment: £1.00 | July 2018
    Last fill payment: n/a
    Arrangement: DMP till May 2018
    Status: Default 31/10/2018
    March - Collections letter, i+e attached, ignored
    April - closing of accounts letter, payment proposal form attached, ignored
    June - Closing of OD facility letter
    June - Notice of arrears in compliance with CCA 1974
    June - You have fail to comply letter received
    July - changes to ongoing management of repayment plan, partnered with Wescot, in touch within 14 days to management provider (no longer with them)
    August - loan interest has been paid off the OD, balance is now £799

    January - Letter received from NatWest to say the collection agent they are now using is Zinc as their previous ones (I assume AIC) couldn't come to a suitable arrangement. I have been sent the same letter for all my 7 accounts! None are active, most were savings accounts and only 3 are on my credit report.
    July - received letter to say their collection agents haven't been able to come to a suitable arrangement so my details have been passed to Moorcroft.
    So today I received letters for 7 accounts I hold with Natwest. Moorcroft are now dealing with my accounts. It is 2 years into the 6 years for being statute-barred, do you think I will get there? Natwest still hold my accounts and 5 of those 7 accounts are saving accounts so I've no clue why they are being included.

    What are Moorcroft like?


    • Just hopefull commission agents bombard for sometime then tend y send back to owner's they are not debt purchasers
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