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  • alland
    started a topic Happy Birthday Pixie

    Happy Birthday Pixie

    Happy Birthday darling, have a lovely day.
    lots of love Allan xxxx...
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  • SaltnVinegar
    started a topic Payday Loan Issues quiet on forums

    Payday Loan Issues quiet on forums

    Hi All

    I've noticed the last 4-5 months that there are (relatively) few PDL problems on the forum (and others who I try to redirect here). Perhaps it could be that the FCA are getting something right and the close inspection of the PDL industry is causing the big lenders to 'behave'....
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  • petition against Blemain Finance and its companies

    Hi guys like many others I have had problems with this company and still have. Its left me and my family in a very bad state aswell as being depressed and very ill

    I would like everyone suffering to help make a stand against them and make ALL the relevant authorities aware I have started...
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  • IF
    started a topic Giant sinkhole swallows Baltimore street!!

    Giant sinkhole swallows Baltimore street!!

    A giant sinkhole opened on a rain-soaked street in Baltimore, Maryland on Wednesday.

    The large crater swallowed up part of a street and several parked cars and buried train tracks under a pile of rubble.
    According to local media, witnesses said the ground shook as the sinkhole...
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  • TibetanMonk
    started a topic No Contract - No Rights?

    No Contract - No Rights?

    Hey all

    I started my new job, however, I have signed a couple of documents of bullying, sexual harrassment, internet usage policy blah blah blah, however, there's no terms of employment.

    I joined the company as Temp and have now subsequently gone permanent, but the company...
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  • patchouli
    started a topic Dual citizenship - USA / UK

    Dual citizenship - USA / UK

    Can someone tell me please, if anyone knows... Do my boys HAVE to have both US and UK passports. (Mother UK - Father US with perm' leave to stay)

    We were told back when I arranged their PP that they HAD to have both, they could leave the UK on a UK PP but to return they would need both....
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  • jon1965
    started a topic Stupid question

    Stupid question

    How do I change the start up page on IE
    I have set the home page to google but on start up it still goes to snapdo or some crap. I have removed snap do toolbars and everything

    Windows 7 laptop

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  • 5corpio
    started a topic Dementia News and Info

    Dementia News and Info

    GPS Tags For Dementia Patients 'Barbaric'

    Elderly campaigners hit out after police buy tracking devices to save time and money searching for pensioners who wander off.

    Elderly care campaigners have branded a police force's decision to buy tracking devices for dementia...
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    Last edited by 5corpio; 15th May 2013, 09:30.

  • The Tech Clerk
    started a topic EPSOM SX125 PROBLEM


    Epsom SX125 :-

    Problem the scanner bar (which lights up) has come adrift so printer is not working, tried to raise the top of the machine by undoing 2 screws at the back but cannot lift top off unit to see if I an get the bar back into the correct position? anybody had this problem and...
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  • di30
    started a topic Uniform tax??

    Uniform tax??

    Is it really right you can reclaim on uniform tax, for the reasons of using works uniform and having to wash them yourselves?

    If this is the case, my hubby's wears work tops, occasionally bottoms too, that I have to wash at home, and have been wearing works uniform for a number of years....
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  • Enforcer
    started a topic Barclaycard & Right of Set Off

    Barclaycard & Right of Set Off

    I feel that the general public need to be made aware of how Barclaycard, by referring to the Financial Ombudsman Service, are in some instances, deliberately abusing the law of the land. Avoiding the Court System and taking money that they have no legal right to.

    It does not matter who...
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    Last edited by Enforcer; 23rd February 2013, 11:53. Reason: mistake, put in S78(1) instead of S87(1) pointed out by Vint 1954

  • Alex
    started a topic Power2Contact


    Dear members,

    Ok I received a letter from Power2Contact on Friday 05.10.2012 at 1000hrs regard a Barclaycard debt, this debt happened when I became servilely injured at work which left me disabled and intern with chronic pain back in 2003. Because I did not know how or what aid I was entitled...
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    Last edited by Alex; 6th October 2012, 00:02.

  • Handyman
    started a topic Hooray Hall - Adventures of a Handyman Part 2

    Hooray Hall - Adventures of a Handyman Part 2

    Hi I am posting this on behalf of Handy, this is a shiny new thread for his Adventures!

    **Posted by Jen_br Site team**
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  • PriorityOne & CPUTR 2008 (ex P1 CAG CPUTR 2008)

    PRIORITYONE & CPUTR 2008 (username aded for search purposes)

    CPUTR = Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (2008)

    I promised Niddy that I would start a CPUTR thread to explain why I like using it so much..... so here it is.

    The thread has been...
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    Last edited by PriorityOne; 20th May 2012, 16:20.

  • confused76
    started a topic building a website

    building a website

    Hello...I want to build a website but haven't done anything like this before. My brother is probably going to help me with it eventually.

    I just wondered if anyone had any tips? Any good websites to use? Anything to avoid?

    thanks! x
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