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  • alfie
    started a topic Alfies Diary

    Alfies Diary

    Starting this slightly unusual one as it relates to a current account overdraft and a request for its credit agreement given the newer rules on overdrafts.
    The newish rules say that a credit agreement is required for overdrafts after 2011.
    In this case however the 'draft was...
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  • marypoppins
    started a topic Mint - Wescot

    Mint - Wescot

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for anyone's experience with Wescot.

    Long story short - this is my husbands cc and had a balance of approx £9k and because we thought it enforceable (we used a different site at the time so it may be questionable!), he continued to pay an agreed monthly...
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  • andi2003uk
    started a topic Lending Stream / PRA Group

    Lending Stream / PRA Group

    Hi all, I'm on a quest to clean up my Experian report and have two entries for the same debt which I need some advice with.
    They are Lending Stream & PRA Group.

    The entries read as follows:

    Lending Stream:
    Account Started: 28/01/2011; Default Balance: £788;...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic checking credit file

    checking credit file

    I want to know when any defaults were recorded - is it a bad idea to check ?
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  • Overcoming bad credit - improving credit score

    With a mortgage, 2 different bank accounts and a credit card from another bank running in credit and a report newly clear of defaults, when should I see my credit score start to climb?
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  • Sharmaine62
    started a topic Capquest trying to pull a fast one

    Capquest trying to pull a fast one

    Hi there AAD
    hope you can advise me. A few months ago out of the blue
    I received a letter from Capquest re an old nat west credit card
    that I know for sure defaulted in 2009. However nat west was not mentioned in the letter
    the client was named as arrow global. I duly...
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  • kelbagishere
    started a topic Debt sold on - New DN issued?

    Debt sold on - New DN issued?

    Hi all, ok I'm new here so please bear with me.
    I entered a dmp with stepchange in December 2013 as my debts were running away with me and have been faithfully sticking to the repayment plan ever since plus increasing my payments when I could.
    I had a letter from BarclayCard on Friday...
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  • rgally64
    started a topic Ccj


    Hi folks wondered if anyone had heard of a ccj issued and person unaware as no claim was ever received this is a friend of mine who has only just seen it on her credit report as she was thinking of applying for a mortgage it was from 2014 she moved out of her parents in 2013 and her parents say nothing...
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  • newbie,, multiple defaults, had my head in the sand

    hi All, i have started to address my problems and hope i can find help here.

    i have a few defaults on my credit report, so far i have done as follows:

    Link financial (mbna original £11000), requested docs under CCA77/78 with £1, they replied saying neither they nor MBNA can...
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  • julian
    started a topic Life after debts SB

    Life after debts SB

    All defaults have disappeared and all accounts are SB, and a basic account and a credit-building card showing green. What now? Cleansed/worthy/reformed or still a pariah?

    It appears that normally only recent defaults impact acceptance. Any views/experience on whether there is a general...
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  • nick0
    started a topic Nat West Loans and Overdrafts

    Nat West Loans and Overdrafts

    I did a pre application for a Natwest loan (my son for a car,see my other threads) and it came up with APR 20.9%
    so I left it at that and said we can look at it in November.

    Now when I Log on to My banking it says you eligible for a loan with a 9/10 chance when I click on more info....
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  • Lowell have a default on my partners Credit file at an unknown address?.

    My partner has checked her credit file using "Checkmyfile" and on her file there is a default at an
    unknown address from Lowell and account type is mail order.
    What is the first step we take to
    A: check what this is
    B: get it removed.

    The default date...
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  • SA Gold
    started a topic 2nd BT blunder now with Lowell

    2nd BT blunder now with Lowell

    Evening all,

    In 2011 SRJ debt recovery wrote to me in my previous property regarding an account in my name with next doors address. I wrote back stating i did not have an account with BT and it would appear someone had taken out a service in my name and heard nothing more about it.
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  • Defaulted 4 years after last payment!

    Hi AAD

    How would someone go about challenging a default that was placed on their CRF 4 years after the last payment made?

    From reading up on here, defaults seem to be placed between 3-9 months after last payment.

    it was originally believed that this debt had already...
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  • Creditor using wrong address

    On inspecting a CRA list some time ago, I noticed that a particular credit card had an incorrect address ie not an official home address and cannot receive mail. As the account was taken out in the 1990s and used regularly with all statements, demands and threats being sent to the correct address which...
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