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  • Another PRA Group (UK) Limited Defeat in Court Today

    Another headache for PRA Group (UK) Limited today as we won another case against them in Walsall County Court.

    The District Judge found for us in all our defence points - the agreement unenforceable, no evidence of assignment, bad default notice, non service of statutory notices and s.78...
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    So, held Recorder Bellamy in PRA Group (UK) Limited v Mayhew at Central London County Court on 22nd March 2017, at the end of a 3 day multi track...
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  • Strepsi
    started a topic CCA Overdraft

    CCA Overdraft

    I was wondering if anyone knows if you can CCA for an overdraft. I have read somewhere that you can't, is that correct?

    All help appreciated.
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  • debtguy
    started a topic Debtguy's UE diary

    Debtguy's UE diary

    Hi everyone

    I posted this in May in AAD+ and now have got some replies (and time to post them). All accounts still current and being paid because I have a pension in the UK (but that's all!), and I am waiting for the outcome of Horton v Henry, which has now been postponed until Jan 2016,...
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  • SaltnVinegar
    started a topic SaltnVinegar v MKDP

    SaltnVinegar v MKDP

    Hi All

    As MKDP seem to be very trigger happy, I am setting up a seperate thread for this particular account outside of my UE diary so that I can keep track of it (and responses) more easily.

    This is the current situation:...
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  • 4 the people
    started a topic CCA1974 Vs overdraft

    CCA1974 Vs overdraft

    What are the Laws regarding overdrafts.
    A Rough out line,
    I had a bank account that had an agreed over draft and When I lost my job some time ago I went over the agreed limit. I did everything could to keep straight but spiralling bills just kept dragging me down. I suffered with depression...
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  • Seamus
    started a topic CCA 1974 and the £25,000 limit.

    CCA 1974 and the £25,000 limit.

    Apparently until 2008 any credit taken out over £25,000 was unregulated and did not have the protection of CCA 1974, since 2008 this has been repealed and its an unlimited amount. What happens if you took out a credit card pre 2008 where the initial limit was below £25,000 but over the years was raised...
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  • creditor not signed agreement can he charge interest and fees?

    If an agreement is not signed by the creditor, so an unexecuted agreement. My question is; does the creditor have the legal right to charge late fees interest etc.

    My own opinion is no! I appreciate he may be able to sign in the court room, if so that would not entitle him to backdate...
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  • Oldandblue
    started a topic TSB NIGHTMARE


    Hiya Everyone,
    i would really appreciate some guidance on the following
    I had 5 accounts with TSB Current acc/ bank loan/ 3 credit cards. All turned out a nightmare for me but no one to blame but myself. I was very ill and no longer able to work I had no money coming in and was robbing...
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  • ambz84
    started a topic Default Help

    Default Help

    Hi all,

    I've just finished off paying my DMP, and thought that would be an end to it all but because if the defaults on my credit file it seem not

    I understand they will drop off after 6 years of date placed, I looked further into these as I have no record of any of...
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    started a topic Barclaycard - Cabot

    Barclaycard - Cabot

    Apologies if in the wrong part. I have had long battle with Barclaycard (nearly six years) regarding unenforceability - passed to several DCA's the most recent being Cabot. Always responded and kept paperwork. Always sent me copy of application form with prescribed terms missing etc.

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  • Unfair relationship challenge to PPI premium and secret commisison is not dead

    Unfair relationship challenge to PPI premium and secret commisison is not dead

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 17th December 2013 10:55.

    The court of appeal judgment makes for encouraging reading on s140A CCA 1974 in _Plevin v Paragon Personal Finance Ltd &...
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  • Question about aknowledging the debt /s are yours....

    If one has only just stopped paying towards a debt and then stops and it is sold and then one asks for CCA..... can they not come back with a "well look, you paid this account until xx/xx/xxxx so you KNOW it's your debt?"
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  • malamute
    started a topic Cabot and Formal Account Review

    Cabot and Formal Account Review

    My Dad has an Egg Card (enforceable) that he is paying Cabot Financial £100pcm since 2009. Account is now around 11k from 14k.

    He has not reduced his payments and paid on time etc. But they are bugging him for a "formal account review" of his payments. Which he has ignored....
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  • SaltnVinegar
    started a topic Section 24 of Consumer Credit Act 1974

    Section 24 of Consumer Credit Act 1974

    Hi All

    I think I'm on to something here that may take down a couple of payday loan lenders, but need smarter brains than mine regards the legalities!

    Looking at the PDL industry it is frequently the case that most of these lenders operate in the US and then set up UK subsidiaries,...
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