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  • My JSA claim

    After reading a few rather funny and lewd posts on MSE from a single mother and how she only wants to work part time, is it unfair of me to be telling the job centre that i only want to work full-time (min 30 hours) and also only take on a permanent job as opposed to Temp.

    My current Advisor was adamant in the first few weeks that i should take on any temp role and i said that was ridiculous due to the hassle of notifying tax credits and council about change in circumstances multiple times in short time frames.

    Same reason why i said hell no to SE roles atm as much as i would love to work from home and be my own boss i'd rather have the employee benefits, like not having to deduct tax and NI myself.

    Maybe its just its something new and that in itself scares me but i dunno
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    Re: My JSA claim

    I don't know but I know that they're getting tougher.

    I was unemployed for a year and applying for anything and everything (even for a job at the jobcentre) but got nowhere apart from a little agency work...and it's a real ball-ache sorting out all the paperwork...even the advisers don't seem to know what to do. I was threatened with losing my JSA if I didn't apply for one particular job, even though I knew it was just an agency ploy to get people to register and I didn't have the money to pay for yet another enhanced CRB check.

    The last time I signed on I told them I'd got a job (albeit part-time and through an agency) and the adviser said that I'd got it at the right time as I was listed to go on the Work Programme. I'm no better off working (in fact slightly worse off when I take into account the fuel costs of driving 35 miles a day) and I'm not entitled to any benefits because I'm a single adult.

    They really need to come down hard on those who have no intention of working...though I'm not sure how.
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