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  • Could not make it up really

    Last summer we were engaged mainly in the pursuit of PPI on long closed accounts.

    One of these was with barclaycard for who we only had a CRA reference and not much else.

    Fired off a SAR request to Barclaycard and got the we do not know who you are now feck off anoying little person letter.

    After a round of letter ping pong we land at the local Barclays and extract the account number from the cashier so redo the SAR with the actual account number we had obtained from Barclays themselves.

    Get another go away we have no idea who you are letter. So at 40 days write to ICO complaining that Barclaycard aint giving us our data.

    Shortly after we complain to Antony Jenkins Barclays CEO. Within 2 weeks full SAR back job done. This was August last year. No PPI case closed move on as other stuff to fry.

    Forget about ICO as they have been as helpful as a chocolate fireguard. They didnt even bother to acknowledge our letter.

    Today we get a letter from them saying they have investigated and although there is no proof a SAR was complied with, as Barclaycard cannot prove it, that they rule for Barclaycard because they wouldnt lie to the ICO. But as a goodwill gesture they have ordered Barclaycard to furnish us with another SAR just incase. (What the feck they just said they believed them so why then say just incase muppets)

    Now SAR arrived same day and guess what. It has nothing on it. Just the account number we obtained from the Barclays cashier. No details no log nothing at all complete waste of a tree.

    So the ICO believing Barclaycard have managed to make themselves look right idiots. We have a full SAR obtained outside the 40 days but the regulator in charge of the DPA manages to get the account number and that is it.

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    Re: Could not make it up really

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