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  • Selinek
    started a topic At long last I am claiming life back

    At long last I am claiming life back

    Brief background

    I am looking to set up F&F with all my creditors, those that agree of course. All have had sent a CCA request 12/09/17. I have been paying all 9 creditors through DMP SC ,since 2008. I have 2 years left apparently. Every where I have read it’s better to start with...
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  • MisterK
    started a topic MisterK UE Diary

    MisterK UE Diary

    Here is my diary at last.

    (A little local difficulty getting the username agreed with MrsK, but everybody's happy now I'm pleased to say).

    About six years ago, in need of some help and well before I found AAD, I paid some money over to some CMC's to get "certificates of...
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  • RhodriMawr
    started a topic UE Journey Begins

    UE Journey Begins

    After about 10 years with Step Change I have decided to go the UE route. Eleven creditors and 41k of debt!! I would be struggling to pay this back before retirement, I have diligently paid Through Step Change and sacrificied a lot, no holidays, no pension etc. CCA requests have been sent to all creditors...
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  • Unenforceability Issues - how best to react?


    I was told about how helpful AAD is this week and even after just half a hour looking around that seems like an understatement! Could anyone help with this enquiry please? As general background I have multiple credit card accounts; all defaulted between Sept 2009 and June 2010; all are...
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  • Scally18
    started a topic - CLOSED - Help!

    - CLOSED - Help!

    Hi I have approx 20k worth of debt. I can't go bankrupt or anything like that because of my job but really want to clear it all. Has anyone had any luck getting creditors to accept 50% offers on debts and what do u say to them?
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  • Johng27
    started a topic Johng27 - My diary

    Johng27 - My diary

    I have been a member of the forum for a few weeks now and I would like to thank everyone who has given excellent support and guidance in my initial findings phase.

    I started a thread at but am now going...
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  • Spider65
    started a topic DMP / Unenforceable Debt

    DMP / Unenforceable Debt

    I'm new here so please excuse any naivete or ignorance on my part. I'm looking for some advice and this forum seems to be the place to go.

    I have 8 long-standing debts taken out before 2006. These equate to figures of between £12 to 2k. I have been paying these up until now by a DMP...
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  • Johng27
    started a topic Advice Please about UE route

    Advice Please about UE route

    Hi all,

    I have been looking at debts recently and started requesting CCA's from all my lenders in August last year. I have had a number of mixed responses in the form of recon's, copies of originals, no responses and illegible photocopies.

    I now want to go down the UE route...
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  • Halifax CCA, application form & reconstructed CCA.

    Hi I'm in need some some advice, I've put my Halifax credit card account into dispute, as I've requested a CCA and in return received a reconstructed copy along with an application form that looks like a spider has called across it! I can't understand any of the information on application form, I'm...
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  • Hi everyone hope im in right place

    I'm new to all this so bear with me please not sure what to do next have a few debts but most are being paid something one b/card has been sold on again debt collection said may send to solicitors in 10 days without notice then got letter from there solicitors saying unless acceptable payments...
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  • Wife's letter threatening Howard Cohen from Robinson Way

    My wife has received a letter from Robinson Way giving her 10 days to come to a repayment agreement for her Barclaycard account or they will put in the hands of Cohen for legal action. We sent for the CCA some time ago and received the usual T&Cs and nothing resembling an actual agreement from Barclaycard...
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  • stuckinarut
    started a topic Stuckinarut UE Diary

    Stuckinarut UE Diary

    my question is this. been an a dmp since 2008. and it ended on 4th march this year. due to it not being a suitable product cos of the shake up with the companies that give advice etc. so to save a long story. i/we will have 1 cc still with cap one 1 overdraught 1 personal loan. 3 cards. these are with...
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  • scottygees
    started a topic Energy supplier debt enforcement

    Energy supplier debt enforcement

    I have been directed from a different board to post this here so apologies in advance if this is wrong. I am currently on a debt management plan which includes some energy supplier arrears. I am looking at going through the unenforceable agreement rote on loan an credit card debt and was wondering if...
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  • mo444
    started a topic capital one £3500 debt

    capital one £3500 debt

    I'm just looking for advice.I have 3500 on a capital one credit card with no hope of repaying.I have a 6 month agreement paying £5 a month.Will I be able to continue with this long term? Do I fill in form every 6 months or just ignore it and continue to pay . will it goto debt collection..Will I be...
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  • Help needed please been a while so a bit rusty

    First of all I like to thank the whole team as I personally have wiped out over £30000 in debt and now only a few months away from my last £8000 debt and I'm free !!!!

    Please could you wife had a credit card which is unenforceable but was given a ccj recently...
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