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  • Spent2much
    started a topic freehold on mortgaged property

    freehold on mortgaged property

    This question is from a friend which i found interesting so I'm going to ask your views on it if you will please .

    Jo Blogs buys a house he has a mortgage . The property is freehold .
    If he paid for the freehold outright can he then live on the land and not in the mortgaged house...
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  • Mortimer Clarke & Northern Rock - Charging Order

    Hello All,
    it's been a while since I used this site but I have a little issues I need you help with. Back in 2005 I took out an unsecured personal loan with Norther Rock, in 2006 I got in diffulties with the payments and NR took me to court and got a ccj.
    Wallers Solicitors in Newcastle...
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  • nick0
    started a topic Landlord with a Section 21.

    Landlord with a Section 21.

    Hi All,
    I have been renting a property for 2.5 years and never missed any payments never had any major
    work done and in fact been a great tenant(says me).

    Yesterday I get a solicitors letter saying the owners of my property are using a section 21 form (was enclosed)...
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  • Wiggle61
    started a topic Might be the wrong sub-forum but CCJ advice....

    Might be the wrong sub-forum but CCJ advice....

    I received a default in 2009 and they subsequently applied a CCJ in 2011 which expires March 2017. Currently paying £45 per month and £2.5 outstanding in total.

    I need to re-mortgage and would like to be in a position to do so as soon as this CCJ drops off. There will be about £2K...
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  • will it be difficult getting a mortgage after the six years of statute barred debts ?

    We are looking to downsize when our debts become statute barred and just get a small mortgage of say 30.000 . Would this be possible do you think ?

    please and thank you
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic question please

    question please

    If someone has bought the freehold their house is built on , but still have a mortgage on the building what would happen if the house was repossessed as the land belongs to them but not the house , also could they be forced off the land if the bank wanted to sell the house ?

    Just wondering...
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  • Charging order for £3k, is this good or bad news?

    To cut a long story short I had an Egg credit card and defaulted in 2011. The matter continued via numerous DCA's and eventually ended up with Bryan Carter who issued a final notice on 4th July 2011.

    The matter was then assigned from Barclaycard to Arrow Global.

    Then Bryan...
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  • panther12
    started a topic Free land registry monitoring service.

    Free land registry monitoring service.

    Don't know if this has been posted before but thought I'd share in case it hasn't. It's a free monitoring service by the land registry where you can register up to 10 properties and it sends you email alerts if there's any activity or searches made on the property. Handy for those been pursued by dca's...
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  • Steve811
    started a topic Old debt and restriction on property

    Old debt and restriction on property

    Ok, I am hoping some of the clever people on here will be able to give me some guidance on this!

    In 2000, I was starting a new job and with a lower salary for the first 2 years was struggling. My bank (Lloyds) offered me two things, a loan of £4000 and a credit card with a limit of £3000...
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  • billywhizz
    started a topic NRAM



    1st post on the site. Thanks to Niddy for sorting the user-account issue.

    I had a loan with Northern Rock in 2006. paid for couple of months and then due to job loss got behind with payments.

    NR took me to court and got CCJ and inerim restriction on my property...
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  • Owner occupier or not ? What difference does it make and how can they check ?

    Some credit application forms ask specifically whether you own the property you live in, whether it is mortgaged or not etc. but others ask whether you are a tenant, owner etc. and others simply ask if you are a home owner.

    Now I know we all understand that they are really asking whether...
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  • Mortgage in my name, married later, COs in my name after marriage can I add wife to deed to avoid CO

    I bought my house when I was single and am the only person named on the mortgage.
    My partner moved in with her 2 children
    A CO was obtained by a company I had provided services to that they claimed I didn't (they lied in court and I feel I wasn't given proper opportunity to provide full...
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  • AAD News Feed
    started a topic Quarterly Land Registry Results

    Quarterly Land Registry Results

    Quarterly Land Registry Results

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 13th May 2014 16:46.

    Contrary to reports that investment demand in Prime Central London (PCL) residential has dissipated, the just released Land Registry statistics for...

    Click to...
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  • Can I sell my house to my spouse whilst I am in debt.

    Hi all. In the past my OH has not been in a position to get a mortgage. My mortgage is in my name only. I am in a lot of debt and although I have managed to stave off debt collection with the help of this site, I always worry about the possibility of charges on the property. My OH has recently changed...
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  • rennats
    started a topic Need Questions answered if possible please

    Need Questions answered if possible please

    Hello all,

    Firstly I find this forum very helpful, but can't find any help about my problems. Please help if you can.

    I've been paying my IVA for Six Years which ends in May 2014. I'm with a company called Grant Thornton (Belfast) oringinally with Blair Endersby.
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