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  • stuffthebanks
    started a topic Idem servicing

    Idem servicing

    Hi all, hope things are ok with you...
    I have a debt that was originally with Mint, it went to court, i was very inexperienced back then and ended up with a CCJ and charging order on my house.
    It was set at the hearing that i should pay £150 per month on the debt, which then stood at £18000,...
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  • Red88
    started a topic Red88's UE Diary

    Red88's UE Diary

    Hello, I have added a link to my original post, so you can see what has brought us here.

    Original Post


    other information

    Total Debt £18,926
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  • bammers
    started a topic bammers UE diary

    bammers UE diary

    Hi everyone, this is the first post in my diary - hope I've followed the instructions ok!
    I have a number of debts but it has been pretty quiet over the last 18 months so I wont post details of the others but I have recently had a few letters on this one so have given the complete background from...
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  • linnite
    started a topic linnite's diary

    linnite's diary

    OK here goes:

    All of these have been paid up to July 2014 but I'll stop paying the DMP when I send the CCA's.

    Admin Edit - Main thread is here -->
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  • General idea about where to take things (DMP)


    Sorry about what will probably be a long post.

    We have a DMP (Step Change) that started just under 6 years ago and we have got down from £54,000 to £30,000

    We have been very good payers on it and have kept everyone happy.

    As you might guess...
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  • ey_137
    started a topic Idiot guide CRA markers

    Idiot guide CRA markers

    Help wanted is there an idiot guide to markers that are placed on your credit file,

    I was wondering are DM/ debt management markers the same as AP/AR arrangement to pay markers, are they treated the same in the eyes of any prospective creditor??

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  • ey_137
    started a topic Capital One Default and ICO guidelines

    Capital One Default and ICO guidelines

    Capital One started marking my credit file with AP/AR markers from May 2008 showing 6's they did this for 12 months before finally defaulting the account in May 2009. I might add I started a DMP in March 2007. I settled the account in February 2014.

    After reading the ICO guidelines and...
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  • josefk
    started a topic Josefk diary

    Josefk diary

    I have started on my journey already and have been lucky enough to have Barclaycard admit to their purchase of an old egg card being UE and Lowells also wiped my balance off after asking them to send a copy of my credit agreement.

    This is my first issue below:

    • Type of a
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  • josefk
    started a topic Moorgate debt collector issue.

    Moorgate debt collector issue.

    My last issue is regarding moorgate debt collectors. They contacted me regarding two first direct CC issues. The letters were then followed up by letters from other debt collecting firms such as Arden and Idem which funnily all work out of the same building as moorgate but I suppose it is to heap the...
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  • commit2change
    started a topic commit2change UE diary

    commit2change UE diary


    So after a couple of years on a DMP I've decided to have a look at challenging these debts as being UE - I don't feel like I've made a dent in the debts and I'm hacked off at the way I'm being treated as I'm actually trying to pay them off.

    I've read a bit of the forums...
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  • odetter
    started a topic Leaving DMP, taking them on.

    Leaving DMP, taking them on.

    I am a newbie posting for the first time.
    My OH has been paying 6 unsecured debts via pay plan for the last 7 years.
    We've reduced the debt from £26k down to £7k.
    However we offered a f&f of 40% to all creditors.
    To our surprise the settlement figures had added charges...
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  • AAD News Feed
    started a topic Idem Capital buys HSBC portfolio

    Idem Capital buys HSBC portfolio

    Idem Capital buys HSBC portfolio

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 8th October 2013 15:19.

    Debt buyer Idem Capital has announced the acquisition of a portfolio from HSBC Bank. The buyer, which is part of the Paragon Group of Companies, has...

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  • ey_137
    started a topic Arrangement flag and DMP flag.

    Arrangement flag and DMP flag.

    Hi all, I have 6 defaults that drop off my credit file early this year, however I have 2 creditors barclaycard and idem capital securities for a credit card. Barclaycard has marked my report as arrangement and idem DMP..

    Am I right in thinking that even if I pay these in full after the...
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  • nastyb
    started a topic F&F Settlement offer to IDEM

    F&F Settlement offer to IDEM

    My MBNA credit card debt was recently sold to IDEM Servicing. I had been paying regularly to MBNA and have cut my debt under this arrangement from £17,500 to just over £7,000. The letter from MBNA annoucing they had sold the credit card balance, and the letter from IDEM saying they had bought it arrived...
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  • Still Waving
    started a topic Which Way to Go?

    Which Way to Go?


    I have debts totalling approx 49K, comprising 6 credit cards and a Bank account with a large debit balance. I have been making regular repayments until recently via a DMP with Payplan. I have now retired on a modest pension, so that my income has fallen by an amount approximately...
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