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  • Spent2much
    started a topic freehold on mortgaged property

    freehold on mortgaged property

    This question is from a friend which i found interesting so I'm going to ask your views on it if you will please .

    Jo Blogs buys a house he has a mortgage . The property is freehold .
    If he paid for the freehold outright can he then live on the land and not in the mortgaged house...
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  • Leaking radiator but water is dripping through the kitchen ceiling

    So we noticed a leak through the kitchen ceiling and bought some new felt and sealant to repair what we thought was a suspect area on the flat room which is the kitchen .

    Our kitchen extension is from where our bedroom is and the radiator is leaking right where the leak is coming through...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic Considering parents moving in

    Considering parents moving in

    As my parents disability is getting worse especially with my dad's Parkinson's nearing the advanced stages - we have talked about them moving in with us - we have 3 spare rooms and a spare bathroom .

    I'm not so sure though because my dad is awake most of the night and then there is the...
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  • pipsaholic
    started a topic Credit Card Agreement

    Credit Card Agreement

    I asked for an original credit card agreement from my creditors only 1 company responded, which looked like a photocopy which someone in their bedroom and cheap printer has made up.

    Question is when you sign up for credit is their a proper credit agreement like an original not photocopy...
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  • stuffthebanks
    started a topic Help please! Maternity

    Help please! Maternity

    Hello all,
    Not posted for a while now, its been a little bit s*** for the past weeks.
    Brother died 3rd January,Father in law died 11th January, both sudden and without warning.
    Youngest undergoing investigations on her heart condition....many trips to hospital in front of us.
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  • 'Bedroom tax': Government loses Court of Appeal cases

    'Bedroom tax': Government loses Court of Appeal cases

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 31st January 2016 08:37
    The Court of Appeal has ruled that the so-called bedroom tax discriminates against a domestic violence victim and the family of a disabled teenager.
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  • old radiators no nob to turn them off

    As its getting colder and we have 3 spare bedrooms we thought it a waste to heat those rooms , but when we look at the radiators to turn them off there aren't any nobs on them to turn them off .

    How do we do that ??

    anyone please and thank you
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    The Daughter & Partner have Damp problems with the bedroom of the grandson, means he cannot sleep in the room because of the awful stench, the daughter has a humidifier in there, the grandson sleeps in the lounge, same as us when we visit. The landlord is just possibly recognize the problem...
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  • lookingforward
    started a topic Shower tray

    Shower tray


    Some 18 years back we had an extension built that allowed an upstairs bedroom with an en-suite which had a shower. The tray was porcelain and only lasted about 6 months before developing a hairline crack that gradually got worse. The builders had done a runner into thin air by this...
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  • The Tech Clerk


    We are looking for 2 bedroom house/etc in our area for our daughter/partner/children, they hope to move very soon up here, see agents keep mentioning fees to set up lets, some extortionate. i.e. £30.00 to search CRA file etc

    any tips for renting and what to look out for??? i.e pitfalls...
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  • nanna58
    started a topic high sided van

    high sided van

    Is there any law preventing high sided curtain van parking outside the house with only a footpath between,the top covers downstairs window and finishes at bedroom window,its outside my sons and the neighbour is not the kind of bloke to have a quiet word with.xx
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  • SA Gold
    started a topic Foreign cheque delay

    Foreign cheque delay


    This time last year i paid in a cheque that was in Canadian Dollars. Few days later, credited to account. Great.
    Done the same thing last week and there has been no sign of it. Called the bank who advised it can 6-8 weeks to credit my account. I asked why the last one (from...
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  • Home recording Voice/accoustic


    Looking for some advice and hoping there are some muso's on here.

    Daughter plays guitar and sings and has asked for a mic with pop shield and software to be able to record her songs onto her Windows 7 laptop and then presumably onto youtube.

    I've only got a...
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  • 1NightInIbiza
    started a topic Rent to buy - Private Schemes....

    Rent to buy - Private Schemes....

    What are the thoughts on private schemes? Other than the ridiculous interest rates some charge - some joker in kent was charging £850pcm rent on a flat that would be owned after something like 70 years because there was a £444.44 monthly administration fee, 300 rent and only the rest going towards...
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  • ohitsonlyme
    started a topic Restrictions ex wife and planning gain

    Restrictions ex wife and planning gain

    Just got the chance to getting back on my feetMy ex wife and i own a property with a 5 acre field, I have fought tooth and nail against all of my creditors for nearly 8 year to hold on to it in the hope to eventually gain planning permission
    I have now got a very strong indication it will get...
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