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  • O2 Travel - BEWARE

    Has anyone else had a shock after returning from a holiday in Europe to find that they have paid £1.99 per day, even if they've only sent a single text or short call?

    It seems that O2 travel now includes any text and call in addition to data.

    I wasn't aware of this and it seems as though two out of three of my mobiles (mine and son) have been auto opted 'IN' but my husbands hasn't been included!

    I am presently awaiting a reply to my complaint emailed to the CEO.

    Watch this space!

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    Re: O2 Travel - BEWARE

    Best of luck and keep us posted - we are both on O2 - but if used TUGO O2 APP - (which i got mrs 5corpio to download) - she can text or Call free over the Hotel WI-FI - this was from Croatia. also there is a O2 Travel app. £1.99 kicks in automatically if the person sends even one text or makes one call which gives the phone holder 120 mins worth of call or 50MB date usage valid for 24hrs, if you use again the next day then it automatically kicks in again £1.99.
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      Re: O2 Travel - BEWARE


      Phone 1 (mine) was, as I suspected automatically dropped in to O2 travel in 2012

      Phone 2 (Husband) O2 stopped automatically applying O2 travel to new accounts in 2014 therefore his wasn't affected.

      Phone 3 (Son) I wasn't aware at the time of putting in my complaint that he'd opted in but he didn't realise the implications of the £1.99 daily charge

      The changes to the O2 travel were implemented in April this year, hence my extortionate charges for a couple of short calls and a few texts but they have applied a refund for all the extra charges to my account. (£30) as they appreciate the worry that these charges have caused

      They won't refund my sons, which I guess is fair enough but we have now both opted out of O2 travel!

      I have also since found this article so I'm not alone!