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Minister: 'Outdated' landline charges should be scrapped

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  • Minister: 'Outdated' landline charges should be scrapped

    Minister: 'Outdated' landline charges should be scrapped

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 22nd March 2016 16:38
    Householders signing up for broadband packages could be exempted from the rental charge on their landline if they don't use it, under proposals to be discussed by the culture minister.

    Ed Vaizey has said the charges of around £18 a month are "outdated". He wants householders to only pay for the services they use, describing the current system as an "analogue billing system in a digital world". The minister is inviting BT, TalkTalk, Virgin and Sky for discussions. One in five home owners do not make fixed-line calls, but have to pay for landline connections. Mr Vaizey said: "If the companies come up with a different pricing structure, that is fine, as long as consumers can see what they are paying for." The minister said ending hidden costs, such as line rental, could mean other products becoming more expensive, but he wanted transparency around pricing.....Read more here

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