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  • Let the fun commence - 6 year journey starts here!

    Hi guys and gals

    After a lot of researching and googling, i have decided to make nest on AAD

    I will list my debts soon, but to summarise i have 8 debts totalling around £35,000 (Eeeek!). It was £42,000 but i was diligently paying into a DMP via Stepchange for the last...
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  • stjjts
    started a topic stjjts UE Diary

    stjjts UE Diary

    I have committed to start a diary so I can record my progress to date and going forward. I have spent hours looking through the valuable resources that exist in forums and now have a better understanding of what to do and what to expect.

    A number of years ago I realized that I was struggling...
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  • Zeppelin
    started a topic Reconstituted Agreements

    Reconstituted Agreements

    I've been reading the excellent AAD guide to UE as a result of which I think I've got a better understanding of most aspects of UE, or so I thought at first! I'm sure I read somewhere that for Pre-April 2007 credit card accounts reconstituted agreements are NOT "valid,true copies and unacceptable"....
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  • mike'y
    started a topic NPower.


    I've been with them for gas and electric for years and it's always been difficult if not painful. Recently I switched to a nicer provider and provided Npower with meter readings.

    The final gas bill is based on the meter reading I provided.

    The final electricity bill is 'estimated'...
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  • Deepie
    started a topic Is it OK to watch porn in public?

    Is it OK to watch porn in public?

    (Once I realised, although I genuinely didn't mean to, my eyes kept on being pulled back to it. I couldn't quite believe it.) Quote

    That's like reading someones private text

    Full story here ---->
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  • julian
    started a topic I'M FREE

    I'M FREE

    All now SB and Defaults gone.

    This is a note to let those at the start of the journey and those en route know that there is an end to the misery. It is not pleasant or easy but it does end.

    No fault and no blame, but a crisis left me in a real mess. I am now resigned to...
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  • What is likely to happen when i let the bank know i am self employed?

    long time no see, or rather read! Life keeps getting in the way of many things for me at the moment!

    Glad to see all is well.

    What is likely to happen when <cough> i tell the bank i am now self employed? Other than them wanting to charge me for drawing...
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  • DaveyBoy
    started a topic Mail redirection ended. Help!!

    Mail redirection ended. Help!!

    Long time since I've visited the site, in a bit of a dilemma so any advice greatly appreciated. Basically I'm into year 5 of my UE journey and everything is currently quietly ticking over, trouble is I moved and my 2 years of mail redirection is now coming to an end. Been told by royal mail that 2 years...
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  • Cassy
    started a topic Littlewoods Shopping Insurance

    Littlewoods Shopping Insurance

    Hello ive been reading through a few threads on here regarding littlewoods shopping insurance, and i am wondering if the shopping insurance would pay out if I needed to make a claim.
    I cant quite remember the date i opened an account at littlewoods, but it was in 2010, and I had just started...
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  • nanna58
    started a topic Gob smacked

    Gob smacked

    OK hubby being a builder did a garden wall for someone last year, at the end if the job the customer asked would he replace some slabs out the back ,he took up the old ones and put down the new ones .He did it cheaply as a favour because they couldn't afford much.A almost a year on and they rang again...
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  • lottiesdad
    started a topic The business of debt.....

    The business of debt.....

    Hi all,I have just found this site,if only I had found it a few months ago!

    I have not read the entire site and no doubt my question/comment has been asked and answered several times already........

    Anyway, has anyone successfully argued at the small claims court that the debt...
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  • Defaulted 4 years after last payment!

    Hi AAD

    How would someone go about challenging a default that was placed on their CRF 4 years after the last payment made?

    From reading up on here, defaults seem to be placed between 3-9 months after last payment.

    it was originally believed that this debt had already...
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  • musketeer
    started a topic Lloyds/Cabot/Marlin


    5 years ago Niddy gave me tremendous help with accounts with Halifax and Yorkshire Bank. I don't think they are quite statute-barred yet so I'm not completely safe, but I have heard nothing for a long while so I'm hopeful that's 27 grand I'll be relieved of.

    I have a third account taken...
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  • Aqua Credit Card - Poor credit history but been accepted

    As you do, I received a weekly email from MSE a few weeks ago and I was reading one of the articles about a credit card acceptance "checker" that basically conducts a "soft" search of your credit score and gives a rough chance of acceptability for certain Credit cards

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  • Spent2much
    started a topic Tropical fish question if anyone can help please

    Tropical fish question if anyone can help please

    Got some guppies neons and some others can't remember the name.

    One of the neons have got like black on its body looks like inside his body the orange at his tail is almost gone now and the blue is fading too he seems happy enough , swimming around eating but just wonder if this could...
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