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  • creditcritter
    started a topic Pra Group

    Pra Group

    requested a cca from Pra group long story , in January I recieved a small box application agreement standard Mbna Abbey card type pretty unreadable with some terms on the back , some application details attached pretty basic print out attached , they said in the letter I would here no more from them...
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  • no change in interest rate but payments keep going up

    Been watching this with my mortgage provider and 3 times the interest rate has not changed but each time we get a letter to tell us this the payment goes up by a few pence ,, its not a lot i know but why are they doing this if the rate has stayed the same.

    The first time they put the payment...
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  • cardiac arrest
    started a topic reclaiming tax

    reclaiming tax

    I'm trying to help out a friend who is in receipt of just a state pension but has several savings accounts.

    As far as I can see her income is below the threshold of 15,600 but has been paying tax on her savings schemes with her bank.

    She states she told the Bank some years...
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  • Miranda1409
    started a topic Private car parking fines

    Private car parking fines

    I work on a private business park and have seen signs that you can't park on road a few of us have and a pcn company as come round made notes of our reg no's and is now issued us with parking fines that we haven't paid.. We were told to ignore them as we wouldn't be taken to court for 160.00 is this...
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  • Use of 'Without Prejudice' with a full and final offer?

    Please feel free to sub if this should be elsewhere.

    I understand 'Without Prejudice' on a letter means that the document cannot be used in court?

    In the context of full and final settlement offers to creditors, I assume it protects the debtor from creditor claims of admission...
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  • mjr001
    started a topic disipline hearing for something not at fault. help !

    disipline hearing for something not at fault. help !

    My wife has a disiplinary hearing on Tuesday for something at work which she has not done.

    She works with adults with disabilities and every day they are given medication, same tablets am then 12 hours later pm

    The drugs are counted and signed for before they are given...
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  • Class 2 National Insurance to merge with Self Assessment

    From April 2016 Class 2 National insurance contributions will merge with Self Assessment.

    In the past, when someone registers as self employed, HMRC would automatically register them also for Class 2 National Insurance. Class 2 is an additional contribution all self employed persons must...
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  • Natwest Adv Gold mis-sold packaged account - Dismissed as out of time!

    I thought I'd have a go at reclaiming for a mis-sold Natwest Advantage Gold packaged account on behalf of my Brother. I've posted below the complaint letter that was sent and the banks reply which I have just been handed.

    They have dismissed the claim as they say it falls outside the...
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  • KKA
    started a topic KKA's Unenforceability Diary

    KKA's Unenforceability Diary

    Hi Guys, looking for a little advice if possible?
    To cut a long story short I had a Barclaycard debt which was sold to Link Financial in 2014; after the usual several letters asking to make contact I received a 'letter before action' letter in Feb 2015.

    I responded to this stating...
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  • alangee
    started a topic JC International Default

    JC International Default

    A week or so ago I received a Default Note from JC International.

    This followed an arrears notice for £10.00, which had apparently accrued from an agreement I had with them to pay £5 per month that I had supposedly agreed to around September 2014 on the Monument account JC Internati...
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  • URGENT: Suspended, potentially losing my job and right to appeal?


    Pretty rubbish start to the year.

    Was in hospital last week, me and the missus have split and potentially losing my job.


    Basically work have pulled me up on sending emails to my mate in work and various different companies outside of work...
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  • can you contest a fine for not having a ticket on a train journey

    Hi all'

    this is for a friend quick(ish) story.

    Friends son, J, attends college in Crewe, normally travels by moped, last week bike went off the road, he managed to get a lift to a local train station with 2 mins to spare before train arrived, large Que at ticket office,Train...
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  • di30
    started a topic ESA for son with Aspergers/Anxiety disorders

    ESA for son with Aspergers/Anxiety disorders

    Hi everyone.

    I got in touch with the National Autistic Society (NAS) some days ago, as my youngest is turning 20 next week, Child Tax Credits and Child Bens ends just before.
    The NAS said as I am his appointee (such like with his DLA) then to claim ESA for him.

    Now bear...
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  • Pat
    started a topic DWP, HB and Students

    DWP, HB and Students

    This is a two part thread to be honest and I will link both parts when I have done them.

    Anyway , I have just started a degree and went into the council last week to hand in my Uni registration documents and also tell them about telling the DWP I was starting Uni. ( See other thread)...
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    Last edited by Pat; 5th October 2014, 14:37.

  • 1NightInIbiza
    started a topic New start.....

    New start.....

    Finally went bankrupt today, a number of factors in the end - but feel glad to have finally done it. Was supposed to happen yesterday, but the judge couldn't come so I got to court to be turned away!

    Court were very helpful in rebooking me for today (before the 10am opening time too so...
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