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  • SCS - carpet issues


    I wondered if anyone can offer some advice?

    I a moving to a newly built house- due to get keys /complete on April 28th. I ordered (and paid for in full) a new carpet back in the January sales but have now got an issue that the house (which i have seen for the first time is not going to suit the carpet ordered.

    I called SCS a couple of weeks ago and asked if we could change the colour - but not cancel the order - and was informed that it couldn't be done as they had cut the carpet already and were just keeping it in stock awaiting the delivery / fitting.

    However last week i got a call asking about the fitting date as £thy had ran out of stock in the 5m lengths" and wanted to make sure what date it needed to be fitted so they could advise if it would be possible. On that call I said that I wouldn't want the carpets to be cut separately and would prefer that they do all cutting etc at the same time - to make sure all was same shade etc (I had resigned myself to the fact I couldn't change it).

    However now after seeing all else for the house really DO want to change it.
    any ideas on best approach ?
    I sent them a mail and not got a response yet asking to change the order and for them to give me a call...



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    Re: SCS - carpet issues

    All I can think of suggesting is to send an email of complaint direct to the CEO, explaining what had happened, giving names and times of contact. Ask if they would like explain how the order cannot be changed as it is ready cut and in storage yet is not stock.
    Good luck and do let us know the outcome.
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