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  • Zero Carb 'diet'

    I put diet into ' as it's really a new lifestyle not so much a diet... anyone can do it but people who are already overweight will lose it... fast!

    Basically it's the same as the Harcombe diet where she says (and I agree) carbs... especially sugar are BAD!

    There's loads of rules about what you shoudl or shouldn't do with the HD and I don't like too many rules so basically this is it...

    If it is processed it probably contains carbs..

    So the rule is any PURE meat, as much as you like, eggs, as many as your body can handle.... other food look at the nutritional values and anything too high in carbs, avoid....

    Aim for no more than 30g of carbs a day and your weight falls off... it does!! Seen it with my other half who in two weeks lost a stone and wasn't hungry.. on the contrary he loved his meaty diet (I'm a veggie!)

    Try it if you need to and lets see who it works for... I mean before Xmas you could be reporting back here with as much as an 15lb weight loss...

    But if you have the money and time then get the Harcombe diet (there is one for men too) it explains WHY this is the way to go.
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