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One day at the police station....

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  • One day at the police station....

    ....i was decorating the hall right outside the chief of polices' office.

    Just wanted 2 check i was using the right colour and tipped the tin to see.

    Of course some dimwit hadn't put the lid on properly and the contents of the tin ended up all over the carpet.

    The chief watched while a workmate and myself scrambled about clearing up the mess, then when it was all gone says,

    "You needn't have bothered those carpet tiles are being replaced anyway."

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    Re: One day at the police station....

    Hmmm, now we know why they are called pigs eh!!

    Sorry to all Policemen I was joking!!
    "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"


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      Re: One day at the police station....

      Blimey, Swanny, they're tough down your neck of the woods!

      Round here they just chuck you in a cell to sleep it off!!


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        Re: One day at the police station....

        Well, not me, but HM Inspector of Constabulary said that a significant proportion of policemen and women were acually illiterate. That is a form by definition of fundamental ignorance.



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          Re: One day at the police station....

          I was in the pub underage drinking when the police walked passed the glass doors.

          I said to my pal 'have you met the new sergeant? He's a right tosser'

          One of the policemen walked back and said -

          'I may be tosser Miss X, but I'm not deaf'

          In my drunken state, I didn't realise it was him walking passed!

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            Re: One day at the police station....

            Swanny's post reminded me of my Dad back in the '60s.

            Dad was painting my bedroom and had the window open to get rid of the fumes.

            Non-drip gloss had just come out and he as talking about it (from the bedroom window) to our neighbour.

            He only turned the tin upside-down (with the lid off) to show that it was non-drip!
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