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UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

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  • UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

    The EU is also signed up to this Convention.

    Interesting is Article 8 in that where does this sit with our Government and the reforms to disability welfare.

    Article 8 - Awareness-raising

    1. States Parties undertake to adopt immediate, effective and appropriate measures:
    a) To raise awareness throughout society, including at the family level, regarding persons with disabilities, and to foster respect for the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities;
    b) To combat stereotypes, prejudices and harmful practices relating to persons with disabilities, including those based on sex and age, in all areas of life;
    c) To promote awareness of the capabilities and contributions of persons with disabilities.
    2. Measures to this end include:
    a) Initiating and maintaining effective public awareness campaigns designed:
    1. To nurture receptiveness to the rights of persons with disabilities;
    2. To promote positive perceptions and greater social awareness towards persons with disabilities;
    3. To promote recognition of the skills, merits and abilities of persons with disabilities, and of their contributions to the workplace and the labour market;

    b) Fostering at all levels of the education system, including in all children from an early age, an attitude of respect for the rights of persons with disabilities;
    c) Encouraging all organs of the media to portray persons with disabilities in a manner consistent with the purpose of the present Convention;
    d) Promoting awareness-training programmes regarding persons with disabilities and the rights of persons with disabilities.
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