........of up to £120 for switching errors or late return of credit
  • Customers will receive £30 from energy firms who fail to return credit balances
  • Those who have been switched by accident could get up to £120
  • The new rules come into effect from May 1 and could benefit thousands
Energy customers will now receive automatic compensation if they are switched to a supplier in error or a firm is late returning credit, thanks to new rules. As of today, customers will receive at least £30 in compensation from energy firms who fail to credit funds correctly, which, according to Ofgem data from 2017, could benefit an estimated 197,000 people. Customers could also receive up to £120 if they are switched by mistake. While just one per cent of households have been switched by accident, it could happen if meter details aren't correct on the national database or if a neighbour accidentally chooses your address when they attempt to switch. Ofgem, the energy regulator, says it has introduced the new rules to give customers peace of mind when switching energy supplier and encourage providers to reduce the number of issues people encounter with switching.