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  • shaun196809
    started a topic PRA Group

    PRA Group

    Hi there,

    I have a £8.5k debt with PRA from 2005 and requested a CCA last month. They responded stating that the amount was unenforceable as they couldn't find the original credit agreement.

    I responded with a 10% offer to close the account stressing that it was unenforceable...
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  • Another PRA Group (UK) Limited Defeat in Court Today

    Another headache for PRA Group (UK) Limited today as we won another case against them in Walsall County Court.

    The District Judge found for us in all our defence points - the agreement unenforceable, no evidence of assignment, bad default notice, non service of statutory notices and s.78...
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    So, held Recorder Bellamy in PRA Group (UK) Limited v Mayhew at Central London County Court on 22nd March 2017, at the end of a 3 day multi track...
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  • RhodriMawr
    started a topic RhodriMawr's UE Journey

    RhodriMawr's UE Journey

    Barclaycard Visa
    Type of Account - Credit Card
    Date Commenced – Approx 1996
    Approx Balance - £7,514.06
    Date Last Paid - > 9 Years Ago
    Arrangement – The Debt Charity Formerly Known as CCCS

    Status – Last Payment February 2017
    Account Owner...
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  • Let the fun commence - 6 year journey starts here!

    Hi guys and gals

    After a lot of researching and googling, i have decided to make nest on AAD

    I will list my debts soon, but to summarise i have 8 debts totalling around £35,000 (Eeeek!). It was £42,000 but i was diligently paying into a DMP via Stepchange for the last...
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  • scottygees
    started a topic CCA


    So after months of deliberation I have decided to go down this route. I have debts both pre and post 2007 that are still outstanding. Is it worth sending off for post 2007 agreements as I get the impression these are exempt. Also do I send to the original lender or to the DCA? Any advice, including...
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  • andi2003uk
    started a topic Lending Stream / PRA Group

    Lending Stream / PRA Group

    Hi all, I'm on a quest to clean up my Experian report and have two entries for the same debt which I need some advice with.
    They are Lending Stream & PRA Group.

    The entries read as follows:

    Lending Stream:
    Account Started: 28/01/2011; Default Balance: £788;...
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  • Zeppelin
    started a topic DCA "League Table"

    DCA "League Table"


    Most of the debts I have are now managed or owned by DCA's having defaulted between Sept 2009 and June 2010. Mostly they're with Cabot (or derivatives like Marlin), Moorcroft and Cap Quest. Having kicked things off by inadvertently choosing one of the more litigious DCA's in PRA I wondered...
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  • Unenforceability Issues - how best to react?


    I was told about how helpful AAD is this week and even after just half a hour looking around that seems like an understatement! Could anyone help with this enquiry please? As general background I have multiple credit card accounts; all defaulted between Sept 2009 and June 2010; all are...
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  • creditcritter
    started a topic Pra Group

    Pra Group

    requested a cca from Pra group long story , in January I recieved a small box application agreement standard Mbna Abbey card type pretty unreadable with some terms on the back , some application details attached pretty basic print out attached , they said in the letter I would here no more from them...
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  • Little_Miss
    started a topic Mbna unenforceable

    Mbna unenforceable

    I did mean to start this diary back in February but life got in the way.

    12/15 - ended payments to all our credit card accounts.

    1/16 CCA'd all our CC's
    -mbna (£21500) received a letter which said it was unenforceable.
    -NatWest -£450...
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  • LarimarBlue
    started a topic LarimarBlue's UE Diary

    LarimarBlue's UE Diary

    Hi, I'm new on here so hopefully I'm posting in the right place!

    I received standard letters from PRA Group on behalf of Verde Experto requesting payment or offering settlement terms for a credit card I'd originally taken out with MBNA in 2002.0 I have simply been ignoring all of them....
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  • lincs
    started a topic Lincs diary

    Lincs diary


    Really pleased to have found this site

    ok letter from Shoosmiths today

    Our client Arrow Global ltd
    re MBNA Europe Bank Limited - (Virgin Money Credit Card)
    Balance 8880.07

    so I guess I need to get a request as to what it is about, I...
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  • PRA Group (UK) Ltd ( Judge and Priestley LLP ) v cussy - Issued 21 June 2016

    Your AAD Forum Username


    Name of Claimant

    PRA Group (UK) Ltd

    Name of Claimant's Solicitors

    Judge and Priestley LLP

    Claim Issue Date

    21 June 2016

    Who Signed the Claim Form?

    An Individual (i.e. Joe Blogs)
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  • Westham1
    started a topic Westham1 UE diary

    Westham1 UE diary

    RBS (Mint)

    Credit Card
    Commenced Oct 2006
    Approx balance £8k
    Date last paid Sept 2012

    Status Default
    Owner Cabot

    I was introduced to a company called Highbridge in 2012.In September of that year I contracted with them to take over assignment...
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