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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post State pension age hits 66 and set to rise further

    State pension age hits 66 and set to rise further

    The age at which most people start to receive the state pension has now officially hit 66 after steady rises in the qualifying age in recent years.

    Men and women born between 6 October, 1954, and 5 April, 1960, will start receiving their pension on their 66th birthday. For those born after...
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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Pru staff offered spa prizes in pension sale incentives

    Pru staff offered spa prizes in pension sale incentives

    Call handlers at the Prudential received spa breaks as prizes for selling annuities - but they were not treating some customers fairly. Sales-linked incentives were offered to staff and managers prior to 2013, but they may not have told customers they could shop around for a better deal. An annuity...
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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post HSBC fights back in £450m pension row

    HSBC fights back in £450m pension row

    HSBC faces a shareholder vote at next month's annual meeting over an old pension fund for thousands of UK staff which campaigners argue is "unfair". The long-running dispute relates to "clawback" applied to the pension payout when a member reaches retirement age and also receives...
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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post Court makes '£15bn pension ruling'

    Court makes '£15bn pension ruling'

    A High Court ruling on gender equalisation of pension payouts could have an estimated £15bn effect on major pension schemes. In the case, closely watched by the industry and government, three female members of Lloyds Banking Group's pension scheme challenged the bank. It surrounded the use of Guaranteed...
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  • Scammers flogging fake certificates for Auto-enrolment Pensions

    Fraudsters have duped dozens of employers into thinking they can avoid auto-enrolling staff into pensions by buying a fake 'exemption' certificate for £58. Pension watchdogs raised the alarm after hearing from employers who were flogged the worthless documents, and they are now investigating at least...
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  • stuckinarut
    started a topic OVERPAID FOR 8YRS OUT OF 10 Apparently

    OVERPAID FOR 8YRS OUT OF 10 Apparently

    Evening people. got a bombshell of a letter today. 8/6/17. to the tune of £11kplus. the guy that sent the letter says we appreciate you may find it difficult to pay it back all at once (must have went to uni this guy) but if you can send the dosh to blah blah. please fone us to confirm you received...
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  • rockwell
    started a topic Claim Form

    Claim Form

    Hello All,
    Having successfully seen off Barclaycard and Cap One thanks to this forum, I have now received a CC claim form (commencing Tues 5th June) relating to care home fees owed to the local County Council and outstanding since 2013.
    The outstanding fees are for a relative and the original...
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  • InvisibleMan
    started a topic Invisible Man's UE diary

    Invisible Man's UE diary

    Background to how I got into this mess:

    Around 10 years ago I had a well-paid job and a top notch credit score. I had a few credit cards I hardly used, but no outstanding debt. I went into a lone business venture for a pension pot. I borrowed heavily through bank loans. They couldn’t...
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  • RhodriMawr
    started a topic UE Journey Begins

    UE Journey Begins

    After about 10 years with Step Change I have decided to go the UE route. Eleven creditors and 41k of debt!! I would be struggling to pay this back before retirement, I have diligently paid Through Step Change and sacrificied a lot, no holidays, no pension etc. CCA requests have been sent to all creditors...
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  • Spent2much
    started a topic carers allowance

    carers allowance

    My dad is in a care home permanent now so my mum is on her own . She is a cancer survivor she has asthma and is bent over with age sciatica - she cannot make her own meals properly as she can't stand straight so i make them for her and i am there twice a day to make sure she has eaten and i do all her...
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  • Streetwise
    started a topic Thought she was married.

    Thought she was married.

    My partner passed away six and a half years ago we were not married ,i thought she was married, anyway we had been together for 16 years and had two sons aged 8-15 when she died, i asked her pension scheme if i would qualify for a cohabiters pension and they said no.

    They have to keep the...
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  • Raising pension age to 70 blasted in new report

    Raising pension age to 70 blasted in new report

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on: 4th January 2017 19:12
    ...........highlighting UK's growing rich-poor divide among an ageing population

    • The PLSA has called for no further increases in the UK's state
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  • Roscoe
    started a topic Roscoe UE Diary

    Roscoe UE Diary

    Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer but in need of a lot of help. My journey into debt began a long time ago but accelerated with the financial crash. I was self-employed and one of 3 directors of a small limited company from 2003-2007. The business was doing quite well but began to lose customers and contracts...
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  • Civil service classic pension early release of pension due to ill health

    Are there any pension experts? I'm just starting stage two of appeal for my pension on ill health. Stage one was refused even though I have medical evidence to prove my problems permanent, they are still using their opinion that it's not.
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  • Des58
    started a topic ESA OVERPAYMENT


    Hi guys,
    I am new to the forum and looking for some advice regarding a letter I got from dwp who say I was overpaid £1500 in esa,and that its in the hands of its
    debt collection agency.I accept I was at fault for not informing dwp of any increases in my pension for...
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