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  • scottygees
    started a topic Advice needed.

    Advice needed.

    Basically I have been on a DMP for a while now and though it still has a way to go before it ends a lot of the defaults on my credit report are due to fall off in the next 9 months. This would then show only £3000 of debt on my file. I was hoping to try and settle this amount in the way of a full and...
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  • Leaking radiator but water is dripping through the kitchen ceiling

    So we noticed a leak through the kitchen ceiling and bought some new felt and sealant to repair what we thought was a suspect area on the flat room which is the kitchen .

    Our kitchen extension is from where our bedroom is and the radiator is leaking right where the leak is coming through...
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  • Dyomun
    started a topic Moneyway keep taking payments!

    Moneyway keep taking payments!

    So I made the last payment on my car loan on the 3rd of January. Normally the payment comes out on the first, but it was new year, so the direct debit came off late.
    That's me officially debt free now (once I stop dipping back into my overdraft each month).

    Today (31st of January,...
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  • julian
    started a topic I'M FREE

    I'M FREE

    All now SB and Defaults gone.

    This is a note to let those at the start of the journey and those en route know that there is an end to the misery. It is not pleasant or easy but it does end.

    No fault and no blame, but a crisis left me in a real mess. I am now resigned to...
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  • SXGuy
    started a topic Debenhams store card ppi

    Debenhams store card ppi

    Hi Guys. Mum has a Debenhams store card. Had it for years. She's recently missed 3 payments and as such they have terminated her ppi cover. I never even knew she had ppi on this. However they have credited her balance back by nearly 200 quid in 3 missed payments. So by my reckoning she was paying around...
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  • nanna58
    started a topic H5 Game Center

    H5 Game Center


    I don't recall installing H5Game Centre but it keeps coming back after I've u installed it ,,any ideas ???
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  • What is likely to happen when i let the bank know i am self employed?

    long time no see, or rather read! Life keeps getting in the way of many things for me at the moment!

    Glad to see all is well.

    What is likely to happen when <cough> i tell the bank i am now self employed? Other than them wanting to charge me for drawing...
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  • Sharmaine62
    started a topic Capquest trying to pull a fast one

    Capquest trying to pull a fast one

    Hi there AAD
    hope you can advise me. A few months ago out of the blue
    I received a letter from Capquest re an old nat west credit card
    that I know for sure defaulted in 2009. However nat west was not mentioned in the letter
    the client was named as arrow global. I duly...
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  • nowpennywise
    started a topic nowpennywise


    I am going to attempt doing my diaries things started to change for us in 2009 when oldest daughter took ill O/H kept having to leave work to go and look after her she had her own home so was taking a lot of time off work to be with daughter at her home O/H was not getting any pay and money...
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  • Spider65
    started a topic My Diary - Spider65

    My Diary - Spider65

    I'm new here so I'm hoping I am doing this right. If not, please let me know and I'll amend.

    I'm looking for some advice.

    I have 10 long-standing debts taken out before 2006. These equate to figures of between £11 to £175. They were all a variety of credit cards and loans...
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  • Des58
    started a topic ESA OVERPAYMENT


    Hi guys,
    I am new to the forum and looking for some advice regarding a letter I got from dwp who say I was overpaid £1500 in esa,and that its in the hands of its
    debt collection agency.I accept I was at fault for not informing dwp of any increases in my pension for...
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  • Difficulttimes
    started a topic 22 years old and over my head in debt.

    22 years old and over my head in debt.


    First of all I am new to this forum and would like to say how nice it is to see all the people giving advice and a helping hand to others. I'm sure 99% of us on here have been in debt and financial difficulty at some point in our lives.

    i will start of with a little...
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  • Deepie
    started a topic : Aspirin a day could dramatically cut cancer risk

    : Aspirin a day could dramatically cut cancer risk

    An aspirin a day could dramatically cut people's chances of getting and dying from common cancers, according to the most detailed review yet of the cheap drug's ability to stem disease.

    I know this is an old story but I never knew about this ............

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  • DaveyBoy
    started a topic Mail redirection ended. Help!!

    Mail redirection ended. Help!!

    Long time since I've visited the site, in a bit of a dilemma so any advice greatly appreciated. Basically I'm into year 5 of my UE journey and everything is currently quietly ticking over, trouble is I moved and my 2 years of mail redirection is now coming to an end. Been told by royal mail that 2 years...
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  • nick0
    started a topic Nat West Loans and Overdrafts

    Nat West Loans and Overdrafts

    I did a pre application for a Natwest loan (my son for a car,see my other threads) and it came up with APR 20.9%
    so I left it at that and said we can look at it in November.

    Now when I Log on to My banking it says you eligible for a loan with a 9/10 chance when I click on more info....
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