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    can you get the intrest on a secured loan frozen

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    Re: secured loans

    Originally posted by rooney View Post
    can you get the intrest on a secured loan frozen
    Yes, but it's not easy - you would need to ask the lender, they are under no obligation to help - but it'd obviously be in their interest to.....

    Best of luck
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      Business loans are primarily classified into two classifications to be a specific secured business loan and unsecured business loan.

      A secured business loan is characterized as business loan type in which the borrower needs to present an collateral as security to the moneylender to get the business loan. The collateral submitted is held back by the bank until the payment of business loan along with the interest. If in case, the borrower neglects to make the entire payment within the tenure than the collateral is owned by the lender forever.

      Collateral to be submitted in order to get the secured business loan is mutually decided by the borrower and the lender. It can include residential property, commercial property, machine etc.


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        did I miss something, who mentioned a business loan?
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