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Success in Wandsworth today

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  • Success in Wandsworth today

    In Wandsworth today for application to set aside 2 yr default judgment - settled at court door client very happy. Should mention it was a £250,000 default judgment plus £150,000 contractual interest .......eyewatering interest rate of 400%!
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    Great to see - and the time delay didn't matter. Well done


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      Somebody must be very happy. well done!!
      If you are using a shovel to dig yourself into a hole, a credit card company will be happy to give you a JCB !!


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        Astonishing. Very well done the legal team.


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          Great news and well done to all concerned.


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            Brilliant result!

            And long may it continue
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              Good on you! Perhaps from now on the DJs at Wandsworth will think twice about the legality (and truth) of the rent-a-gobs' words, as well as the validity of the claims n the first place.