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  • Expert Patients Programme

    Greetings All,

    Right I am going to put this here as it was a great help to me have done the self management of long term health conditions course.

    They also do courses for carers.

    Most of these are for 4 hrs one day a week for 6 weeks so just 24 hrs in total.

    They are free and are carried out in community centres up and down the country so are mostly local.

    As they are free and you are under no obligation to complete they are a good starting point for learning and also good for anyone about to care for someone with dementia.

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    Re: Expert Patients Programme

    I've heard that they're brilliant, I know someone who went on one and it really changed her life.

    I was booked on one but when I turned up found it was for mental health, when at the time my physical health was worse and had less support. It was rearranged for me to go to one for physical health, but for various reasons I couldn't make it. I gave up after that.

    From what I've seen it's just an easier to access, more intensive version of help I'm getting elsewhere.

    From what I've heard though I'd recommend them.


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      Re: Expert Patients Programme

      Yepo another recomendation from me.....before leaving work I used to manage the North side of liverpools EPP (along with other projects) and trained to be a course trainer as well

      I started the 1st prison based EPP course as well (altcourse & walton) do check though as pompey said some of the courses now specialise in varioous issues some are just a standard course

      but worth a try as its a good way to manage any long term condition along with making a few new friends along the way as well


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        Re: Expert Patients Programme


        As for making friends that is a good point, when I did mine I did not realize there were as many stroke survivors in my area.

        Oh and the free coffee and cake was nice too !!!!!!!!!