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2 CIFAS Markers Removed!!!

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  • 2 CIFAS Markers Removed!!!

    I’m extremely happy, trough the help of Niddy 2 CIFAS markers have been removed it has been a success and a steep learning curve for me which would have been impossible if I didn’t have the help of AAD, I stumbled across the website while looking up CIFAS help and emailed Niddy about my situation he was extremely helpful and very understanding helped me thought every part, I can’t thank him enough I will definitely recommend this to any one who faces difficult curves in their financial activities.

    Many thanks

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    Hiya & thanks for your feedback.

    Yes a lot of lenders are bullies when it comes to applying CIFAS but knowing the rules inside out, and what's what helps immensely.

    Pleased we got you sorted, that was clearly a huge relief to you and thank you very much for your generous donation to the forum, it's much appreciated.


    If you find yourself with a CIFAS marker, send me an email once you've signed up to the forum and spell it out. Don't lie to me - be honest & upfront (no matter how ridiculous it may appear) and I'll be able to help you fight it.

    Don't ever just let a lender cripple your credit worthiness for 6 years. It's unacceptable.
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