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  • di30
    started a topic Hi everyone

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone.
    Long time and no speak. Am so sorry I've not been around, I have missed everyone.

    Just to keep you informed as most of you were aware of my kidney issues, I have unfortunately moved on to to stage 4 CKD, but it's been steady over the last 2 lots of bloods, however if...
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  • TibetanMonk
    started a topic Where do I stand?

    Where do I stand?

    Hey guys,

    I've had an issue at work where my probation has been extended due to a few things that haven't been completed on time. This probation was extended yesterday morning over the phone by my line manager, I had to go to the doctors yesterday morning which I forgot about, and it wasn't...
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  • Pre Action Protocol Letter Received!!!!


    I've received the following email from a DCA


    Date of Notice :08/10/2015
    Agreement Number :PP

    Dear TibetanMonk,

    Outstanding Balance: £397.60

    Intended Action:...
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  • Exclus
    started a topic Selling jointly owned property with a restriction

    Selling jointly owned property with a restriction

    Now I know this is a problem that has been posted before, but I thought I would rant on a little more on the subject.

    Our property is jointly owned, but I have a charging restriction for a credit card debt. We are finally getting a few viewers to see our house, and I thought that it was...
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  • cymruambyth
    started a topic Settlements


    I may be in a position to clear 3 cards that are still being paid, but the template letter doesn't really cover my situation! All 3 have had arrangements for over 10 years and have long dropped off CRAs. All are between £3 and £4,000 and payments of £10 or £15 are being made; they are with the original...
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  • Judicial Review Into DWP’s Disabled Benefits ‘Fiasco’

    Irwin Mitchell has just been granted permission to seek another Judicial Review this time over the length of time PIP claims are taking to complete.

    The treatment of the...
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  • PlanB
    started a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIDDY :)



    [img] OYKK-2z6amv0N2zYwgR2A[/img]

    PlanB x...
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  • thechippy
    started a topic DCA's charging interest

    DCA's charging interest

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but thought a discussion / input may be useful.

    When looking around various forums and seeing peoples claim forms, I've noticed that very often the dca claims for statutory interest at 8% and the judge often allows it.
    Is it not the case...
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  • Dadof2
    started a topic Dadof2's Diary

    Dadof2's Diary

    This is in respect of a Barclaycard account with a balance of approximately £9000. The account was originally opened in April 2010, (with Egg, whom Barclays took over in 2011.) In February 2014, I entered into a repayment plan with Barclaycard to pay off the balance at a rate of £200/mth in return...
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  • nanna58
    started a topic apex


    My nieghbour is on DMP and bit confused , had her statement but cannot remember who Apex work for or which dca acts for monument can you help .I've looked thru nids dca list and buggered if I can find
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  • pompeyfaith
    started a topic Sky Broadband

    Sky Broadband

    For quite a while now I have been getting an inferior broadband service, indeed some while back Niddy and Riz gave me some advice to try and improve it to no avail.

    I have been getting 3mb at the best and less at the worse along with drop outs I have had countless calls to customer services...
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  • Disabled people win living fund case against government

    Disabled people win living fund case against government

    This is a duplicate of the Blog Entry made on 6th November 2013 12:47.

    *Five disabled people have succeeded in a legal challenge to the government's decision to abolish the Independent Living Fund.* The £320m ILF......
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  • Lloyds TSB major complaint Financial Ombudsman rejected complaint

    Basically Lloyds TSB who had put interest on my loan while I was on a debt management plan without informing me. This happened a year after the debt management plan started and Lloyds TSB had asked me to sign with them on interest rate but I was informed by the debt management company - FH Debt...
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  • Citicard / Opus / Cabot Vs The Chippy

    I won't bore you too much with this one, just get you up to speed.

    Stopped paying in 2010 and sent cca request to Citi. Had a letter back saying they were unable to find the agreement and therefore the account is unenforceable.
    Opus then took over the account. I challenged them to...
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  • Workless households at record low, says ONS

    Workless households at record low, says ONS

    The proportion of UK households where no adult aged 16 to 64 is in work is at its lowest since comparable records began in 1996, official figures show.

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