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arrangement to pay x

  • DaveyBoy
    started a topic Arrangement to Pay and default notices

    Arrangement to Pay and default notices

    Hi Niddy
    Basically I've got alot of unsecured debt that I'm now struggling to pay off. The majority of which has been used on house extension and improvement. Can't afford all my repayments each month now and have approached mortgage provider to remortgage to consolidate debt, no joy cos of my...
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  • S B Credit card and bank account threatened to pass to Howard Cohen

    I have a credit card and a bank account both were HSBC. They were defaulted in 2008 and then sold to MKDP. I had not heard anything from HSBC and just the odd letter from MKDP until Hoist Portfolio took over MKDP and I have ignored the letters from Hoist since. The last payment to both accounts were...
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  • U markers on credit file for 5 years

    Afternoon everyone I have a question regarding a littlewoods account. I was paying through a dmp for over 10 years until last month which I am now going down the UN route, All of my defaulted accounts have dropped off my credit file but I have noticed that this account has over 5 years of the U code...
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  • How long do debts stay on credit file ?

    Our debts were defaulted in 2007 onward we started UE in July 2012 .

    We haven't checked our credit files as we don't want to wake up the creditors, but with things getting harder and harder such as wtc and now council tax help being based on minimum wage for self employed, we are looking...
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  • CCAresponse from MBNA / Abbey National - is this enforceable>


    We, as a couple, have about £85k of debt. We have been with Stepchange for one year and have just moved to self-managed. We decided to CCA our one credit card which pre-dated 2007. Their initial response was a load of rubbish with current T&Cs. We went back (advice from the brilliant...
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  • scottygees
    started a topic Lending Stream and pounds to pocket

    Lending Stream and pounds to pocket

    Basically I have taken out 5 payday loans with Lending Stream and one with Pounds to pocket. I shouldn't have done this as I am in a DMP and am in a position where I am struggling to pay back the agreed amount but needs arose at the time where I had no option. I have read through some threads on here...
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    started a topic Help for my Son needed regarding Bailiff

    Help for my Son needed regarding Bailiff

    My Son and his girlfriend have had problems with their Council Tax but I have helped them sort this out and set up a payment direct to the council to clear arrears and keep up to date with existing payments.....

    Dodgy bailiff keeps turning up - two visits in one day last week!? Is this...
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  • Tonybluto
    started a topic Mortgage


    I have been married to my wife for 18 years. And our house is in my name only, she is not on the mortgage and doesn't pay any of the household bills.
    When we met, she had a small flat, it was mortgaged. the flat was eventually repossessed and sold at auction.

    She is currently paying...
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  • Mumof2
    started a topic Mortgage advice- interest only

    Mortgage advice- interest only

    Hi! I am looking some advice! My husband has been ill with Mental health issues for the last year and is currently in hospital! I work full time and have 2 lgs! My husband stepped down from a management role in January and has been on SSP since June but I have been able to pay the mortgage using my...
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  • Mr Man
    started a topic Bailiff's fees

    Bailiff's fees


    I hope this is posted in the right forum. Technically it relates to council tax but now it is purely a DCA/Bailiff question.

    When we moved out of our family home, we rented it out until we decided what to do with it, it is still rented out now (at a loss on a monthly basis)...
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  • Kiko
    started a topic DIY DMP - Stick or Twist

    DIY DMP - Stick or Twist

    Hi Folks,

    Bit of background on my situation.

    I am a gambling addict (although haven't gambled since the end of May) and have racked up debts circa £30k (listed below). Originally I contacted a DMP Service that you paid for. I had arranged them to come to my house for a meeting,...
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  • CCJ Advice. Credit history / F&F help required

    I’m not sure if this is the correct sub-forum, but feel free to move if there is a more appropriate place. Here goes:

    I had a credit card with Halifax, went down the DMP route and received defaults etc in Aug 2009. Halfiax solf to Hillesden, who applied a CCJ in Feb 2011, which I didn’t...
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  • cymruambyth
    started a topic Second default by Lloyds

    Second default by Lloyds

    LLoyds registered a default on my account ages ago. In 2008 they changed some terms of the agreement, but didn't issue a new agreement. In 2010 they defaulted again and registered another default with the CRAs. In 2011, thanks to AAD they discontinued on their court claim .
    Am I correct that...
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  • [CLOSED] Continues in AAD+ Legal Section Lowell ( Bryan Carter ) v Alwaysskint

    Your AAD Forum Username


    Name of Claimant


    Name of Claimant's Solicitors

    Bryan Carter

    Claim Issue Date

    10 February 2015

    Who Signed the Claim Form?

    The Solicitor Firm (i.e. Joe
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  • m4rc
    started a topic Aged Debts- when do they cease being an issue?

    Aged Debts- when do they cease being an issue?

    Hi, I have read so much stuff in the last month and although I have learnt loads I am still a bit confused.

    My partner has a big pile of relatively small debts - JD Williams Jacamo and all that lot plus Mext and maybe a couple of others. They vary from £100 ish to £1200, I doubt there...
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