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  • Sunny Loans Debt

    Hello Iím 18 and got my self in 700 debt with sunny loans.
    ive got 4 loans out currently and spent this all on gambling. Iíve lost all of it and I lied about my job as Iím currently unemployed. I have payments coming up and I donít have a penny. I donít know what I can do and I donít want my family finding out about this.
    thank you

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    Can anyone please help me ?
    Thank you


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      I expect someone will be along to help you later, but right now if you do not have the money they cannot have it either. I think you would be able to get more help if you set out the individual amounts and what dates they were taken out, so that people can see if you may have a case for the later ones.
      Whatever you do please do not take out another one, as it will just make things worse.
      When you have nothing you have nothing to lose


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        Hi Alex

        There are two problems here- one is the loan and the other is gambling.

        In my (non judgemental) opinion, if you fixed the loan problem without addressing the gambling issue , at some point you will be back to square 1.

        But a few questions if you don't mind.

        You say you have 4 loans- is that four outstanding or you have had and repaid 3 with one outstanding - or is it something else

        Are all the loans with sunny?

        When you applied, did you actively lie - I mean they usually ask for employment details - did you make these up or did you maybe use a previous part time job - or did you say you were on benefits?

        If you were 'reasonably' honest you might want to make an affordability complaint - this is a good blog . I don't always agree with Sara but for you it might help

        You are worried about your family finding out - is that about the loans or the gambling or both? Do you live with family?

        Now for the gambling- it is hard to get help with gambling but gamcare or gamblers anonymous could help

        You might want to do this little quiz

        If you have time do it and think about the last 4 weeks - it should help you realise if there is a real problem which from what you have disclosed , there may well be.

        Do not be ashamed though, gambling is a real problem for many people and the last report with consistent methodologies showed a real and significant increase in the numbers of problem gamblers


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          I have 4 loans out currently all varying between 100-200,
          i lied completely about my job, making it all up.
          i got my self excluded from the gambling company and havenít thought about it since due to the overwhelming thoughts about this debt Iím in.
          i donít want my family knowing about the debt Iíve got my self into as I knew it was a stupid decision to make.
          all the loans are with sunny yes.


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            I think you should make an affordability complaint. They should do checks to make sure your application is honest.

            You will have to consider though just how much of a lie it was, for example did you edit and forge documents or just say you were working?

            BTW I really am not judging.

            I'm glad you have self excluded. Was this online or high st?


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              I didnít forge any documents.
              i literally just filled some numbers in which was my apparent wage.
              This was online.
              thank you for the help


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                That really will help you in an affordability complaint. They should have verified your income.


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                  dear sir/madam

                  I am making a complaint to you about irresponsible lending. To help me explain the details, I would like a list of my loans, showing when they were taken out and how much was repaid and when. Please note that I am asking for a Statement of my Account with you, not making a Subject access request.

                  I would like you to provide a Statement of my Account. The FCA Rules provide that a firmís procedures must ensure that a complaint may be made free of charge. I require complete details of the loans you gave me and the amounts that I repaid in order to be able to clearly explain my complaint.

                  In addition, the FCAís Principles set out that (6) a firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly and (7) a firm must pay due regard to the information needs of its clients, and communicate information to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading. I consider that you are being obstructive, delaying and not treating me fairly by not supplying me with a Statement of Account.

                  If you do not supply me with this information, I shall be taking my complaint about payday loan affordability to the Financial Ombudsman and I shall also be writing to the FCA pointing out the difficulties you are putting in the way to prevent me being able to make an effective complaint.

                  thank you for your time.


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                    Is this a good base to go off for a affordability complaint ?
                    thank you


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                      I donít really know much about the whole thing and what I should do next


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                        Any update ?
                        Thank you


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                          Sorry I have been busy today so not had a moment. Is that letter off the debt camel site?

                          In principle it looks fine to me but where you mention your account I would change it to all and any of my accounts. I would also, if you have them, list the account numbers and if you don't have them all maybe a line like
                          'To assist you I have listed some of the account numbers I have held with you although this is not exhaustive'

                          Sorry I can't read your pm as I am on my phone and it difficult to read them.

                          Feel free to keep us updated


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                            By the way
                            If your username relates to your real life name it might be an idea to send a message to the webmaster asking him if you could change it. This is for your own security, there are some nutters about on the Internet


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                              Thank you for getting back to me,
                              i will include this.
                              So say I sent this email what would be the possible outcomes ?
                              Such as the debt written off of the debt frozen ?


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