The telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced it wants to cap the price of 118 directory enquiry calls at 3.10 for a 90 second call. Market leader 118 118 charges 11.23 for a 90 second call to its service. Ofcom said providers had been increasing prices "quite significantly" in recent years and that people are paying much more than they expect. Overall 2% of adults or one million people use a 118 service, rising to 4% among those over the age of 65.

Ofcom launched its enquiry into the cost of 118 calls in May 2017. It last investigated the sector in 2013 when the price was about 3 for a 90 second call. At that time it said there was not much evidence of "bill shock", which is where people are unpleasantly surprised when they receive their bill. Now however, it said some people were suffering "bill shock".