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  • Drivers - car finance payments can have their vehicles repossessed by lenders from February FCA's Covid-19 ban ends
    • Repossession ban has been in place during the pandemic to protect consumers
    • Exceptional financial hardship caused by Covid-19 has seen repossessions on homes, cars and other products restricted
    • FCA has proposed for motor repossessions to recommence from next
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  • 5corpio
    started a blog post LCF investors see compensation hopes dashed

    LCF investors see compensation hopes dashed

    Thousands of first-time investors who lost their savings after investing with London Capital & Finance (LCF) have been told it is unlikely they will qualify for compensation. Nearly 12,000 people put £236m into the firm which collapsed a year ago. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)...
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  • RhodriMawr
    started a topic RhodriMawr's UE Journey

    RhodriMawr's UE Journey

    Barclaycard Visa
    Type of Account - Credit Card
    Date Commenced – Approx 1996
    Approx Balance - £7,514.06
    Date Last Paid - > 9 Years Ago
    Arrangement – The Debt Charity Formerly Known as CCCS

    Status – Last Payment February 2017
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  • 5corpio
    started a topic Speeding fines charges starts April 24th

    Speeding fines charges starts April 24th

    Drivers caught speeding will face tougher penalties of up to 175pc of their weekly income under new rules introduced on Monday. Fines for serious offenders will start from 150pc of their weekly income rather than the current level of 100pc. The fines are split into bands from A to C. The penalty depends...
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  • scrapping a car with £400 finance still to pay ?

    My son has a car that he didn't finish the finance on , its now completely broken and won't even start . Its out of MOT and he now has another car which he is using taxed and insured.
    He's moving and the landlord needs the parking space where the car is sworn off the road , can he scrap this...
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  • debtnewbie
    started a topic debtnewbie's Diary

    debtnewbie's Diary

    Here's the (long) list - hope this format is okay...any advice much appreciated!
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  • Dyomun
    started a topic Moneyway keep taking payments!

    Moneyway keep taking payments!

    So I made the last payment on my car loan on the 3rd of January. Normally the payment comes out on the first, but it was new year, so the direct debit came off late.
    That's me officially debt free now (once I stop dipping back into my overdraft each month).

    Today (31st of January,...
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  • SXGuy
    started a topic Debenhams store card ppi

    Debenhams store card ppi

    Hi Guys. Mum has a Debenhams store card. Had it for years. She's recently missed 3 payments and as such they have terminated her ppi cover. I never even knew she had ppi on this. However they have credited her balance back by nearly 200 quid in 3 missed payments. So by my reckoning she was paying around...
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  • Octagon
    started a topic Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Is Car Finance Unenforceable?

    Hi all, looking for some info and advice here. I live in Scotland. In 2008 I was granted finance for a car that was beyond my means. However I was 18, naive and keen to get on the road with my own set of wheels so went ahead. In 2010 I hit a rocky road, issues with work and personal life. It lead me...
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  • mlc2009
    started a topic Blemain finance unfair charges?

    Blemain finance unfair charges?

    Blemain say I owe them £2946. I have had the loan secured against my house since 2007. They keep sending me letters requesting payment. I'm unable to pay the full amount so I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to setup a payment plan or to even get some of the charges removed

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  • cardiac arrest
    started a topic Wescot and natwest ?

    Wescot and natwest ?

    Been trying to find out if Wescot are related in any formal way to natwest, or are totally independent..does anyone know ?
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  • Tornadotechie
    started a topic SCS faulty after delivery

    SCS faulty after delivery

    Hi there,

    I bought a sofa from SCS back in January. The sofa arrived about 6 weeks later. After delivery we noticed some damage on the sofa which was reported within a few days. They sent out a technician to look at the damage, he took photos and sent a report to SCS. I said I didn't...
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  • nick0
    started a topic County Court Money Claims center

    County Court Money Claims center

    Hi All,
    My son is in the Army and a few years ago purchased a car for his mum on a 3yr pcp
    but after about 12 months they stopped paying it and about 4 months later I got the car and
    arranged for it to be collected by the finance company.Now the finance company asked me ...
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  • Finance UK II Limited ( kearns solicitors ) v sara2 - Issued 22 April 2016

    Your AAD Forum Username


    Name of Claimant

    Finance UK II Limited

    Name of Claimant's Solicitors

    kearns solicitors

    Claim Issue Date

    22 April 2016

    Who Signed the Claim Form?

    The Solicitor Firm (i.e. Joe Blogs Solicitor)
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    Evening all.

    Well today has been a new one for me I have to say.

    I traded in a 2nd hand car for £500 and paid a £100 deposit to secure a car for my 16 year old son soon to be 17 in July.

    I bought the newer second hand car for my son about 2 months ago on finance
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