The facial-recognition system at King's Cross is to be investigated by the UK's data-protection watchdog. Media exposure of live facial recognition at the site prompted the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to look into how it was being used. The ICO will inspect the technology in place and how it is operated to ensure it does not break data protection laws. The regulator said it was "deeply concerned" about the growing use of facial-recognition technology. Fair and transparent

The Financial Times was the first to report a live face-scanning system was being used across the 67-acre (0.3-sq-km) site around King's Cross station in London. Developer Argent said it used the technology to "ensure public safety" and it was just one of "a number of detection and tracking methods" in place at the site. But the use of cameras and databases to work out who is passing through and using the site has proved controversial. So far, Argent has not said how long it has been using facial-recognition cameras, what is the legal basis for their use, or what systems it has in place to protect the data it collects.