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  • Credit File Cleanup Query

    Hi All

    As mentioned in my BR thread, the six years have passed and all signs of the BR have dropped off my Credit Records! ....

    ... Well, ALMOST!

    It seems that NRAM, whom I handed the keys back to continued to run my account, showing either late payment or default well into mid 2012.

    I should have picked it up when I did my sweep of my Credit Records for the Credit Clean-Up ( , but for whatever reason must have missed it.

    Given that the BR has dropped off the credit reports, and is no longer visible on London Gazette ... how much joy will I have writing to NRAM, with copy of my BR certificate and a printout of the Discharge notice, to ask them to update their records?!

    I'll be honest, when the BR was concluded, I can't remember if I listed NRAM as a creditor, as I'd handed the keys back!! Have I dropped a clanger here?

    Cheers all.
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    I have no Idea how to help with this, maybe email Di and see if she has any info ?
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          Strange ... my posts have gone to pot.

          NRAM Replied that they report data up to the Discharge point, and not the Bankruptcy point. In contradiction of the ICO.

          So, I've now emailed both the ICO and FOS with complaints.
          "Cheap is good, but FREE is better!"


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