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  • Microsoft Auto Renewal

    I have been stung by an auto renewal for Office 365 Personal!

    I had an email regarding it and assumed that it was spam and ignored it and I've now had 59.99 taken via my paypal account!

    I've never used Office 365 Personal so am at a bit off a loss as to how I subscribed.

    I have reported it to paypal as an unauthorised transaction so will hopefully get my money back.

    I have had further emails with links to change my account etc but of course am always wary of using these links.

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    Did you by any chance get a new PC or notebook in the last year or so? These vert often come with a trial of office 365

    Do you even have MS office on a machine?

    MS have been moving into creating revenue by generating subscription services because people are no longer buying new hardware every year or two


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      Hi Pat,

      My laptop is as old as the hills and I've not downloaded anything on it, I don't think it would cope!

      I've had nothing new apart from upgrading my phone to an iphone last year.

      I had a nokia windows phone prior to that and office is on that, but again, it's not something I've subscribed to. I do/did use Microsoft onedrive for my photos etc but that cost was only a very small amount per year.


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        I've just gone on live chat support and managed to get the subscription cancelled and a refund issued very easily!

        They told me I had installed it on my laptop last year. I certainly didn't do it knowingly but at least I will be getting my money back.


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