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  • Curtain pole

    A couple of weeks ago, I had a 3 metre long wooden curtain pole which I had no requirement for.

    I decided to fix it to a wooden beam in my utility room, and use it to hang clothes on straight from the washing machine, which can be hung on their hangers to dry.

    It has saved me a small fortune on tumble drying costs, ensures that clothes are hung nicely and more often than not, once dry, they can be hung straight in the wardrobe without a need to iron them.

    It has also prevented clothes, which would otherwise been dried in the tumble dryer, from shrinking.

    An unused curtain pole has saved me £££'s and improved my carbon footprint too!!!
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    Re: Curtain pole

    You know I never thought about that!! Ive been looking for a clothing rack for ages great Idea!


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      Re: Curtain pole

      What a fantastic idea , will have to keep that one in mind then, as i have one or 2 here, good for recycling, good one!