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Undiagnosed cataracts - any help?

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  • Undiagnosed cataracts - any help?

    Hi team.
    i went to the opticians today because I have been really struggling with my sight for ages, it turns out that I have cataracts ( which I have thought for a long time).
    anyway it turns out I do have cataracts, the optician was lovely, she looked back at my old records from two years ago and said that it showed cataracts then and asked me About this. I told her I've never been told anything about it.
    i was so upset because I've had eyesight problems for a few years now and feel that this could have been addressed sooner.
    i have been having thoughts that I'm going blind - macular degeneration etc for over two years now. No I was never told this at my last eye exam or I would have acted upon it.
    im in a dilemma now though. I'm really happy to have been given a diagnoses and now can have surgery to help me see again but if they were aware of the onset of this two years ago and would have told me, it would have saved me a lot of stress and heartache that have been suffering.
    i don't know what to do now though because this is a well known chemist I've been to, the lady I saw today was fantastic, but I'm very upset this wasn't mentioned to me two years ago.
    sorry for the ramble, I hope this makes sense about why I'm upset.
    Ant advice how to handle this?

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    Some people suffer blindness due to nutritional deficiency and lack of access to corrective surgery and more. Wearing sunglasses and avoiding work and recreation outside in the peak hours of UV light can also help as well as also using a hat with a visor when playing sports. However, surgery might be the solution.


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