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    Re: Dentist -- NHS or private

    Originally posted by Pip View Post
    Yep, molar problem here too PriorityOne. Hopefully just one or possibly two neighbouring ones. No pain yet, but the longer I leave it ... !
    If you have an NHS dentist that you already know and trust, then I would certainly stick with him or her!
    I finally went myself last week.... and despite thinking I would need root canal work, was surprised to hear I'd only need one filling in that molar that was causing the problem.

    I have booked for 6 months time and will maintain this from now on....
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      Re: Dentist -- NHS or private

      I had a similar dilemma a couple of years ago, decided to go private and was not happy at all with the result. I always felt as if he was on the verge of trying to sell me a mobile phone contract too!
      Last time I took pot luck and registered with the only local dentist taking on new patients...and found myself with the best dentist I've ever met!
      It's all down to individuals really, be it private, NHS or Hospital.
      I used NHS Choices to find my can see which ones are taking on new patients in your area, and some have reviews.

      Glad you're on the way to sorting it out!