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  • Solicitor needed

    My friend has been diagnosed with chronic silicosis.
    Does anyone know of a solicitor in the midlands area who specialises in this?
    friend works in the pottery industry and has done for the last 30 + years and is going to persue a claim against the employers, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

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      There is no definitive need to be in close proximity to the solicitor as much can be done via email and letter these days (with their permission) for example I live somewhere in the central midlands and used Joanna Connolly based in Liverpool recently while my partner, on another matter used one in Sandbach.

      You could use this

      There will also be plenty of ambulance chasers out there who will happily fleece you for a high % of any compensation so it is worth shopping around. Of course if you live in the potteries Manchester and Liverpool will also have many good firms - although tell them there are in the Midlands and you might need an undertaker not a solicitor :-)