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Key Changes 2020 - Automated Template Generator

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  • Key Changes 2020 - Automated Template Generator


    As you've no doubt noticed we've now completely rebuilt the forum, reapplied and updated the styling for full responsiveness taking into account the latest devices, and chucked the whole lot on a brand new cloud load-balancing server.

    So the site itself has now been brought up to date and is future-proofed so we won't ever see the old issues again, however as part of the overhaul we're also doing some major changes to the forum and one of those is the implementation of a new Template Generator. The new generator will simplify the template letter process and will essentially take you through a series of questions, before asking you to complete your name and address, the creditors name and address, your reference, date and signature. Once you have done this online the system will generate the template for you, sign it and complete all the fields ready for you to print and then post!

    This is cutting edge technology and although I have physically created and tested all 7,324 permutations, there may still be a few teething issues so when you notice this feature in place of the normal templates (only available to AAD+ Members), then you'll need to just check each template before posting it as there is a lot of code, script and behind-the-scenes activity going on to allow for propagation of the template. Whilst I am certain it works fine, we're just asking you to take caution when you first start using it.

    We anticipate it being live, initially with the full CCA Flow, in the coming week or so. We will update you on here as and when we implement it.

    Screenshot you say? Ok, here's a little teaser of what's to come....

    Click image for larger version  Name:	demo-gen-aad-1.png Views:	0 Size:	45.0 KB ID:	1532856

    Click image for larger version  Name:	demo-gen-aad-2a.png Views:	0 Size:	39.8 KB ID:	1532857

    So once you complete the flow of the desired template, you will be able to save / print it from here but also a copy will be emailed to you so you have a copy saved to your email. We do not retain or store any of the data input, it is 100% private and secure - whatever you type is only ever seen by you and is never stored on our system, server or email client.

    Essentially, if you use the generator and notice you've made a typo, you'd need to redo it again as the data is not stored and no cookies are used either.

    This is AAD yet again going the extra mile and bringing you the best.

    More to follow...

    I'm the forum administrator and I look after the theme & features, our volunteers & users and also look after any complaints or Data Protection queries that pass through the forum or main website. I am extremely busy so if you do contact me or need a reply to a forum post then use the email or PM features offered because I do miss things and get tied up for days at a time!

    If you spot any spammers, AE's, abusive or libellous posts or anything else that just doesn't feel right then please report them to me as soon as you spot them at: