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  • HBOS PPI claim

    So this is a tad complicated

    In the 1990's I had a BOS Mastercard that I defaulted on. I went into a repayment plan until about 2011 when I stoped after sending a CCA request . At that time the balance was around 800 however I have a copy of a letter from BOS saying they were going to default me and the full balance of nearly 4000 was due . In 2012 it was sold to Cabot and the balance was still the 800.

    In the late 1990's I also had a Halifax card which I know I had PPI on. This I settled in full around about 2003 , maybe a little earlier, could even have been in 2005 who knows at the moment - maybe if I go through my old current accounts I can find a transfer to them or something.

    Anyway I have put in a claim for PPI and they have come back with both cards , if there is money owing , and I am sure there is, can they offset it against a debt that a) they sold in 2011 and b) is now well and truly statute barred

    Ant PPI is not going to be mega bucks, a couple of hundred quid at the most but just wondering , not being a PPI expert and all that.
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