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A little help with a claim form from Lowells please

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  • A little help with a claim form from Lowells please

    Hi everyone

    I have a claim form from which I need to respond to within next few days really.

    I have no experience with these things and would appreciate some advice.

    The claim is from is for an alleged debt with Lowells (shop direct)

    Before the claim form arrived, I had previously requested a copy CCA which they supplied together with a statement of account.

    I emailed Niddy and he believes the CCA is enforceable.

    I dont really know what step to take next, If it needs to be paid I can only really afford a minimal payment per month as my family financial position isn't great.

    There are 400+ of charges on the statement, can i request a breakdown of these on contest unfair charges for instance?

    Any advice really appreciated.

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    This is a duplicated thread.

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